Back to Bikram!

I attended my first Bikram yoga class in Houston today. It feels great to be back in the flow. It has been a month since my last practice, and I have to say it was a little challenging trying to remember the poses, core form, and correct posture. The instructor was a little too sharp with her words … I do miss Josh’s calm and collect instructions at the Bikram studio in Red Deer, AB. I was doing a pose wrongly but did not realize it as I was already in my own world, concentrating as much as I can … then at some point I realized the instructor had called my name three times, and then asking me to “LISTEN”. Not exactly the most tactful way to teach, if you ask me. I would have appreciated if she came close to me and mention what I was doing wrong. Besides, it disturbs the class if the instructor keeps repeating someone’s name from the front. Overall, it was quite pleasant. The studio is big. However, I didn’t like the base floor. I don’t know what layer it was, but I kept slipping when we did the triangle pose … to the point where I actually pulled a muscle on my right thigh. Not the best floor grip but apparently … “once you’ve mastered the form, you learn to accept the form as is, and can even do the pose on two blocks of ice without slipping …” (quite far fetched, in my opinion).

I met two ladies, Holly and Karen. I need to get used to explaining where I come from. People in the USA … or at least in Texas, do not know where Edmonton or Alberta is. Both ladies work part time. Holly has a 7-month old baby, although from our recent conversation it doesn’t sound like she is excited about staying home and looking after the little one. Karen is much older; she told me she’s lived in Texas for 23 years now. Originally, she was from Indiana. Nice, friendly folks πŸ™‚

Even with Bikram yoga, I still have passes to do other types of yoga at another studio. My fiance purchased a coupon on Groupon, which provides 20 classes for the price of $25. Pretty sweet deal, but I feel quite occupied with so many yoga classes …

I can’t lose too much weight as I need to fit into my wedding dress! Perhaps, this gives me a reason to eat more (good food) now πŸ˜›


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