Ten Thousand Villages

Even though it’s been only a week, I am ready to get involved with the community’s volunteer opportunities. I have always wanted to volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages. I first heard about it through my ex-colleague, who is a regular volunteer at the store in Calgary. I’ve purchased items from the store before, but never really knew how the business works. Yesterday, I attended the volunteer orientation session at the TTV store itself on Rice Blvd, and learnt a great deal about TTV. I’m very excited to start my shifts as a customer service representative, and look forward to try other roles eventually when I receive more formal training. It really is for a good cause, and I’m glad I can utilize most of my skills here even though it is not a professional, full-time job. I believe the skills that I had developed when I was a process engineer, are transferable in any field.

There were about seven of us at the volunteer session. I met a 3rd year Rice University student, who was very friendly. There was a petite young lady, whose name I still have a hard time pronouncing. She is sweet lady, and very shy. I am not sure if she is a student or not. Also, there was a senior woman, who wasn’t so friendly … at least towards me. Everyone was greeting and introducing themselves, and when I said hello to her she just smirked a small grin and continued to browse the items in the store. Later on, we were helping the volunteer manager keep away the chairs after the session. I was carrying two chairs, and it pretty much took up the entire walkway to the back room. She was coming out of the backroom, and so I stepped aside to let her cross, but she never said a word of gratitude. She just gives me the feeling of bitterness … but I hope my first impression is wrong. Other than that, the whole experience was great, and I feel much enthusiasm to volunteer for this good cause. Doesn’t look like they are understaffed, and so I’m not sure how my schedule would be like. I guess it will still give me time to learn Chinese, do yoga, and plan for the wedding 🙂


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