One by one …

The countdown has begun!

15 more days of work …

40 more days till I get on that plane outta here!!

I’m getting very excited. I wonder what my next phase of life would be like? Not to mention I won’t be able to work (legally) in the states … what would I be doing??

New adventures, new lifestyle … it all seems so foreign, yet I feel like I’ve been there before. Only this time, I won’t be swimming the ocean by myself. I’ll be sailing the seas with my partner 🙂

Eight long years … you’ve been good to me Canada. For all the trials you’ve put me through, I’ve only grown to be a better adult. Although, there is one thing that I am glad to be away from … the snappy arctic cold. Brrr. Good grief! No more blizzards, hazardous winter driving, and winter weather warnings. This year’s wintry spell is the worst I’ve encountered. My car had slid into the ditch twice … the car wouldn’t want to start in -38C weather … that’s it for me! I’m returning to hot … humid climate, and saying goodbye to snow and ice!

The apartment is close to becoming empty as each week passes by. It is sad to see bits and pieces of my life scoot away. The remaining of it still needs to fit into 3 large suitcases. Gee. I wonder how other people do it … or perhaps I just have too much STUFF. Even though I have been a mere tenant, this apartment has so much warmth that I am hesitant to let go off. Although slightly more expensive, I get to enjoy the benefits of an underground parking (woo hoo!). Perfect for someone like me who hates Alberta winter.

One by one … my items go out the door, and my life slowly calculates a formula for a new beginning. I am amazed at how much capacity for change I have. Cheers, to a new beginning!


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