Happy New Year! Welcome, 2011!

Phew, 2010 went by in a blink of an eye. I felt like everything has been fast forward 2X. It seems like just yesterday when I was new to Red Deer, and NOVA. I cannot believe that I have been surviving well in this dingy town for almost 4 years now. Moreover, I am engaged! Finally moving on to the next phase of life … marriage & baby-making. Wow. Is there a way to slow all these down? Feeling a little nervous … but don’t get me wrong, I am elated for this exciting life event. Somehow, I  feel that my life is being accelerated at this point. Perhaps, it has been like that since I started a career, and never noticed it until he proposed to me on the morning of Christmas eve. Reminiscing the good ol’ varsity days, I don’t recall feeling laden with so much planning of life events. The only major tasks were completing assignments, and passing exams to graduate. The question is, have I planned too much to build this life to my satisfaction? Or have I learned to just sail the seas without expecting what lies ahead?

But there’s one thing I know for sure. I could have given up everything that I have built here, break the lease on my rental property, and move to Houston immediately. But I didn’t. I could have quit my job without caring about the professional engineer status. But I didn’t. I guess I have learned to value money and time in ways I never used to know. It has been a long wait, and finally I am able to sail the seas again. Who knows what life in Houston is going to offer me. Who knows what will happen next? Once again, I will start the same journey as I had when I first came to Canada in 2003. A new place. A new environment and culture. New friends … perhaps a new career too? Only this time, I have the fiance to share all trials and tribulations with me. There are still some decisions I have to come to terms with. I am not afraid of moving but more so on my purpose in life. What do I want to do next? Continue engineering? Open my own business? Go back to school? Be a housewife??? Decisions … decisions … they just keep growing. My co-workers tell me, “Wait till you have kids. This is only the beginning.”

Well, in a few months’ time, I’ll be all packed and ready to go. It’s going to be a busy year with moving and wedding planning … that’s my challenge for 2011!


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