Summer lovin’

In a place where cold weather prevails for 8 months in a year, summer is like a godsend to the citizens here. People take to the streets as long as the sun is still shining bright. Girls in shorts and tank tops, while the boys go topless just because they can do so. I think kids play all day long in the sun here (mind you – the sun sets at like 9.30 PM). The joys of summer.

I try to stay indoors though, I find the sun rays here are too strong. I feel it burning my skin in just minutes standing under the sun. My co-worker thinks I’m crazy that I bring an umbrella out in the sun. Yea, people here don’t carry umbrellas. Even in the rain. Not sure why. It’s such the opposite on the other side of the world. Our eastern friends in Japan carry umbrellas all the time. There is not one woman on the streets who doesn’t have an umbrella.

What I love about summer are the walks in the park, barbecue, and camping. Awesome time for road trips. One day, I am going to look back at my younger days and tell myself … I’m glad I did all that 🙂  Thanks to the summer times in Alberta. I still do wish we have more sunny and warm days in the year.


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