Where have all the flowers gone?

It’s weird, but I had this desire to venture on a 13.2 km hike during my birthday. I have heard of this place a long time ago, and never got a chance to see it:

In the summer, Sunshine Meadows (Banff, AB, Canada) blooms with all kinds of wildflowers. At this time of the year, the flowers are gone with the wind, replaced by golden alpine larches and evergreen alpine fir. It was still an amazing experience. I dragged the boyfriend along with me, tee-hee. It was my first attempt at hiking, and a co-worker praised us for our bravery. We definitely did not expect it to be that cold (high of 7C and low of -2C). In the end, it was still worth it. And I’m proud of myself for trying! I’m definitely coming back to this place next year during summer.

It’s also that time of the year to volunteer for United Way Campaign. As always, our leader requests for the favourite assignment — Habitat for Humanity. This time, I actually got around to hammer nails and not just hold and pass tools to people. I felt useful this time, haha. We helped with minor jobs such as installing supports on the roof trusses. Then, we put up vinyl sidings to the outer wall of the house. It was no doubt a tiring job, but nevertheless the team building exercise was an experience. Speaking of experiences, I cannot imagine that I would accidentally drown my cellphone in a toiletbowl. It’s been 8 years and I never had this problem!! I guess it’s bound to happen once in everyone’s lifetime, hehe. But oh man, was it shitty. I had to save my cellphone by reaching my hands into my own pee. Not that disgusting at first, but the thought of using that phone again was disturbing. As I was removing the battery, I was thinking to myself how do I clean pee off this phone?

It’s sad, but oh well. Time to look for a new phone! I did consider the iPhone a while back. But I really can’t get used to the texting function. I tried MSN-ing in Jackie’s iTouch, and oh my, was it ever stressful. Most likely I’ll get a Blackberry. Even though it’s not for business use, it still has the suitable functions and performance (and a keypad — woohoo!). I bought myself a snowboard too. I can’t wait till the canyon opens for skiing/snowboarding season! This is the first time I actually look forward to winter … gosh! I’m glad I have something to do during the depressing, cold months ahead.


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