Nerdy Post

Wow, when was the last time I actually solved linear equations by substitution? And it actually felt soooo good once it was solved?!?


I started tutoring today. My colleague at work approached me and asked if I can tutor her son in Math 20. I thought, sure … why not give it a go? Last year, I had contemplated tutoring Math 20 and Math 30. But when I looked at the syllabus for Math 30, I had second thoughts about tutoring. It was not as simple as 6 years ago when I was in school doing practice questions almost everyday.

Tutoring in Canada is unlike tuition classes in Malaysia. It’s a one-on-one basis, and most of the time (according to experienced tutors I’ve met), it’s just help with homework.

I was quite nervous today, but it is the first day and I need to gauge what the student’s level is. I asked him some questions like when is his math period in school, where his class is at now with the syllabus, and if he needed help with homework. He seemed pretty confident and said he didn’t need any help with his homework, and so I suggested that we practice on questions in the textbook. At the end, he asked if I could teach him the next topic, which hasn’t been taught by his teacher yet. However, time was already up and I wasn’t sure if his mom was waiting for him outside the library. Still, I guess with more experience, I’ll get to gauge his speed in solving math problems and balance out the tutoring session with practice questions and teaching.

Although, I’m surprised that kids nowadays can use calculators in school. You know those Texas Instrument (TI) calculators? School kids nowadays are pampered. I guess the generation has advanced into the importance of computer/programming knowledge. These kind of gadgets are everywhere nowadays. Back in my school years, I recall having to memorize formulas too. We did all arithmetic either in our head or the old-school way: pen and paper. I saw my student punching into the calculator 40 divided by 5. Hmmm.


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