I love you, my friend. Not!

Been two months since I wrote anything. I have a feeling no one reads this page except me, haha. Well, I don’t care. It is a personal space, which I had created to hold on to pieces of my memory. I wonder what will happen to this space when I die? Will it still be present 100 years from now? The future is a scary thought, sometimes.

Why have I not updated anything? Laziness is one factor. Uneventful life is another. I have no more interesting stories to tell. Isn’t that sad? The working world has definitely changed my lifestyle. At last, I’m back after two months with some stories to tell. I made a trip back home for the month of August. It’s always good to see family again, and to remind myself of the culture I grew up with. It took me a long while to realize how lonely it has been these past two years. As a varsity student, I was able to go home for four months during the summer holidays. My next trip home would never feel too far away. As a worker, I’ve been away from home longer because of the alloted vacation days at work. It definitely wouldn’t feel that bad if I had family here. I’m on my own. Only person closest to family I have is Jackie. I miss having family close by.

Today, I have decided that I would like to rant about a girl I know who is getting on my nerves. Perhaps, we should keep a distance and not get too close as friends.

She is stubborn. She always thinks she is right. She cannot admit that she has the wrong facts, which is so annoying. Her mindset is not exactly what she preaches. She throws the weirdest tempers at her boyfriend. In front of other people. Did I mention she always thinks she is right?

She claims that she always saves on electricity in her home country because it is the right thing to do. Why is the TV turned on for hours even when nobody is watching? Perhaps she is being thoughtful of me wanting to watch TV. I don’t need this kind gesture, thank you very much. I am annoyed with the fact that I always have to turn off lights and the stupid idiot box after her every single day. One night, we were heading out to swimming lessons together, and I asked her if she wanted to turn the TV off because she just walked past it as if it was a gnome statue. Her reply was, “Meh”

For two hours it was left on. I don’t understand. Does she keep the TV on so that she can watch it anytime she passes by the living room? Seriously, she has another TV in her own room! Here’s where I stand with this now: if she leaves that idiot box turned on, I’m not going to turn it off for her. It’s her own television, and if it gets wrecked it is her own fault. I turn it on and off responsibly if I use it. Even though the landlord pays for the electric bill, I can’t believe her actions do not match up to her proud words on saving electricity. Boooooo.

The other day, she argued with her boyfriend in front of me while I was eating breakfast. Grow up, girl. It’s not as cool as you think. You’re just embarassing yourself, and your beau. Furthermore, you are showing no respect to me. Fine, I am just another acquaintance. You don’t need to give a shit about what I think. And that’s how brats like you grow up to be selfish, disrespectful and inconsiderate. Take your own personal issues into the room. I am living in this apartment too. It’s not just yours to throw your personal relationship problems around the house.

Ugh, the “kiasu” syndromme in people. I have my PR application submitted through the company’s lawyer. So the lawyer tells me what to do and what documents I need to submit. The rest is his responsibility. I received an e-mail from the lawyer asking me to get my police clearance done at the commissionaries. He had advised to do the fingerprints electronically there so that it can be submitted to the RCMP immediately, and results will be available within 72 hours. Then, I asked her how she did hers because she submitted the application by herself (no representative). She went to the RCMP to get the fingerprints done manually. Annoyingly, she kept repeating “I got it right away”, implying that she got her “results” on the spot. I asked her if it was just a copy of the fingerprints because I got that too. She said yes, and went on about how you don’t need a police clearance in Canada because the application guide did not say so. I thought to myself, “Bullshit”, because it didn’t make sense why Canada wouldn’t need to check your criminal records in their own country. At this stage, I knew something was amiss. The fingerprints itself couldn’t be the criminal record results. This confusion actually made me call up the lawyer twice to understand what was going on. Well, the lawyer didn’t really do a good job explaining it either. He thought I wanted to do the fingerprints manually and had advised the police clearance will take 3 months that way. Anyway, I later realized that she was totally wrong about the whole idea of the fingerprints, and I was right. I explained it to her the third and final time, where I reinforced it with the information that the lawyer told me. Even though she toned down her voice and argument, she still didn’t want to admit that she was wrong.

At work, I suggested to review some knowledge with her so that she is prepared for the temporary contact engineering role while I’m away on vacation. If you’re not interested in working on it then tell it to your mentor. Don’t show your black face to me and reply rudely, “I won’t have time to remember everything you said. Just tell me what you need me to do”. You have proven to me that you have no initiative as a trainee working in this department. And that changes my perspective of you as a worker. I’m still your senior, and you shold respect me for that. I’m not at the same level as you are, new graduate. So fuck off that pissy attitude of yours.

I’m so fucking tired of being around people like that sometimes. My best friend used to be this way too, and living with her as roommates was not the best experience ever. I’m just learning to keep a slight distance now. It’s just best for the both of us.

She’s just another one of those million egoistic people who proudly go about saying, “Fuck, I hate stupid people.”


2 thoughts on “I love you, my friend. Not!

  1. woah, totally did not know she was like that. but as i’v eheard of other people from her country (the crowd one of my friend hangs out with), they’re all like that apparently. lolol.

  2. people lithe that girl are nuisance and it irates me so much.

    I think people whom always think they are right are just worthless to bother about. They like to learn things the hard way…. so sometimes, just let them be.

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