Something is truly wrong

I have never had a 45-year old guy hit on me before until last week during a social slo-pitch tournament. Seriously … I never want to encounter something like that again. I don’t even know if I should feel flattered. Can I say something about me is truly wrong when older (much older!) guys start to seek me out?? CREEPY!!!

I mean, there hasn’t been guys my age hitting on me. So why a 45-year old guy? What does this mean?? This confuses me so much, I feel like a messed-up 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

I don’t know. He said he had family, but he wasn’t wearing his ring. And his whole family is in Holland. Guess what, free to prowl on young flesh. Gross. At first, I didn’t realize it. I’m usually quite slow at noticing stuff like this until physical contact starts to come into play. And that was what happened. My name was drawn for a door prize, and so I went up to pick it up. As I walked back to my seat he wanted to give me a hi-five. I returned the gestured in a friendly manner … but really was it necessary for him to hold on to my hand? A hi-five is a quick contact smack between two palms. Not a grab-on gesture by clutching each other’s fingers. Now, that seriously creeped me out. That’s when I realized throughout the whole tournament, he had been coming over to my bench to make conversations with me. Also, at times I would catch him looking at me when I turned to browse around in his direction. Even Natasha noticed it, but she only mentioned it after I had asked her opinion — gee.

Oh sick, sick, sick. You can definitely tell I wasn’t flattered.


One thought on “Something is truly wrong

  1. uhh… As a guy, I actually feel disgusted with this kind of guys. Happened to my gf a few times, and I wasnt pleased to know about it.

    These type of guys should have their balls taken from them.

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