Moving on to 2009

Let’s see … what have I done in the past year?

  • Worked in an ethylene plant as a junior engineer
  • Cried at work …
  • Resolved an embarrasing personal conflict at work; why did I have to tear up … why …
  • Almost passed-out at the smell of dimethyl disulfide (DMDS), which insanely smells worse than rotten eggs
  • Spent 45 minutes in the blistering cold blizzard trying to get my vehicle out of the pile of snow; I am never going to work again if this God-forsaken weather should occur!
  • Ridiculously participated in a curling tournament, of which I do not recall having fun; tell me, was being bruised on the knees suppozed to be enjoyable?
  • Saw a ghost. Wait, could have been multiple ghosts; It wasn’t funny, and I never want to encounter something like that again
  • Moved to a new home (1/2 duplex) to get away from the unfriendly spiritual entities; oh yes, I believe they do exist even in ang-moh places like Canada
  • Got a super nice roommate to fill in my lonely, pathetic days in Deer town
  • Took up golf lessons
  • Went to the zoo and saw a baby elephant
  • Participated in a rather dull golf tournament; although, I won a BBQ utensil set as a draw prize 🙂
  • Got a permanent position at work as a contact engineer for the polyethylene plant
  • Got an increase in salary, woohoo!
  • Wore a Tyvek coverall for the first time
  • Rode on the basket of a crane-lift for the first time in my life
  • Climbed and went inside a 40-feet-tall distillation tower
  • Followed the boyfriend to many carshows
  • Went to Japan for three weeks !!!
  • Loved Japan … ♥♥♥
  • Went to Banff and stayed in a five-star hotel for 2 nights
  • Experienced the view of Calgary city from the Calgary tower
  • Learned to mow the lawn; a very tiresome chore which I never want to lay my hands on again
  • Took up kickboxing lessons, yeah!
  • Took up yoga lessons; which I never completed because it was very cold in the classroom, and I felt dizzy each time we awake from the relaxation position
  • Got into a stupid conflict with the landlord, who is, by the way, a colleague at work
  • Moved again to a new home (condo townhouse)
  • Got confronted by the neighbor living below us. Apparently, my roomie and I walk too loudly all the time
  • Received a rather insulting gift of slippers in the mailbox slot; obviously from the neighbor living below us
  • Achieved my first win at Poker, even under the influence of alcohol
  • Stepped into a country bar for the first time since varsity days; I was deceived by whoever said cowboys were hot and sexy. Definitely, the joke of a lifetime.
  • Cooked a turkey meal from scratch for Christmas
  • Cleaned and prepared a fresh turkey with bare hands, ugh, how the heck was I suppoze to know that the thing in the body cavity was the turkey’s neck???
  • Spent over $1000 of shopping in two weeks’ time; bad, bad idea …
  • Went toboganning on a hill using a magic carpet; it was scarily fast …
  • Went karaoke for 5 hours straight

That was pretty much it for 2008. Now … what lies ahead for 2009? Happy New Year to all! 😀


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