Heritage Festival, Edmonton, Canada

It comes as a shock to some people how I have never been to Heritage Festival.

“You’ve studied in Edmonton for four years and you’ve never been to this?? Not even once???”

Yes, I have not. Simply because I have been making trips back to Malaysia (my home) every summer. Therefore, I wanted to see what the festival has to offer this sultry summer. A quick introduction as to what Heritage Festival is all about: it is a three-day festival showcasing Canada’s vibrant multicultural heritage. The festival features over 75 cultures from all over the world and it is held at a huge park where you can take your time to walk through more than 60 pavillions, have a taste of culinary delicacies and enjoy creative performances.

I thought it was fun. Then again, it was my first time attending this festival. My friends have been to it before and to them it is nothing too special that would warrant a full day’s worth of time. Although, I managed to view two very interesting performances.

The first was by the Taiwan Pavillion. A puppet stage was set up and believe it or not, these 11-year-old Taiwanese children flew all the way from home just to perform here at Heritage festival. It was a cute performance. I don’t think a lot of people understood what the story was as they were narrated in a mix of Mandarin and Hokkien. The puppet show was based on a famous Chinese legend. For the sake of it, I’ll throw out the story’s name — Nezha conquers the Undersea Dragon. Do you know of this legendary tale?

The second performance I found entertaining was by the Hawaian Pavillion. I liked the Hawaian dances performed by the girls. The best part was when they got the audience involved. Actually, two men and two young girls from the audience to dance with the performers on stage. Basically, they were taught how to shake-that-bon-bon-hawaian-style. It was hillarious. I had a good time. Unfortunately, I am down with stomach flu now 😦

Here are pictures for your viewing pleasure:


2 thoughts on “Heritage Festival, Edmonton, Canada

  1. Stomach flu??? What the hell is that?? Lol.

    WordPress sucks!! \o/

    You mean this festival is only in Edmonton? Dang~

  2. Stomach flu = gastroenteritis

    Apparently, it is something like food poisoning … which I think it is … but Canadians … or Americans decided to call it STOMACH FLU because it sounds cooler.

    I don’t know.

    Toronto has probably BETTER summer festivals. ALBERTA sucks.

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