Being inside an industrial equipment

It’s a tiring job to inspect industrial equipment when there is new installation or design modifications.

Over the past 8 days, I have had the opportunity to climb and crawl my way into an 85-foot distillation tower. Phew. What a week it has been. I have to say though, it was amazing to see what’s inside. There’s only so much that you can see from books, or pictures taken by experts and what not …

It did take me a while to feel comfortable climbing down the tray manways. It is not easy … when it’s really dark, and the only light you have is your headlights on the hard hat … plus maybe a little sunlight from the inlet manways to the tower … AND … it is 30 feet deep of 25 trays when you’re standing at the top … looking all the way down.

Yes, it was eeeeekkk!!! at first for me.

My knees are a little bruised from the crawling I did on top of each tray. The new trays have extruded valves that allow vapor to flow upwards to be in contact with the liquid that flows downwards, whereby it builds a slight level on each tray. Also, I got my first-hand experience dealing with vendors. The inspector was a really nice guy though. Very easy-going and most important of all … he knows what he is doing. I think we became more of friends than just a business acquaintance.

Well, I have started back at the previous department (where I did my first new grad rotation). It definitely feels good to be back. My only worry this time is that people are starting to expect more out of my performance. It’s nerve-wrecking but at the same time, a part of me looks forward to the challenge.

I’ve put in an extra 5.5 hours of work during this mini-outage at the plant. I think I might just not go to work tomorrow 😀

I’m going camping tomorrow !! It finally hit a high of 27 C today! Wooh … hot! Hopefully it stays that way throughout camping.


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