“Constructive Criticism”

Yes, you, blogger … you know what I’m talking about.

Either you’ve been respected for having clarity in your arguments … or you are one of those who have been shot down mercilessly with criticism in the blogosphere world.

I think it’s about time Malaysian bloggers understand what “constructive” criticism means and how it should be instilled as good writing habits. Even though we pin our words and story to the Internet, a place where there is no boundaries; a place where freedom of speech entails … being radical with your argument doesn’t mean that you’re finally champion; shouting words bitch or whore/bastard or dickhead doesn’t help in getting your point across.

Yes, we get angry. And we get frustrated. Emotions flare up like Mount Krakatoa in action. But sometimes, we as bloggers unnecessarily pick fights instead of helping each other see through their mistakes.

I would like to share a somewhat related article that I read on the local news website. What this teenager wrote couldn’t have been better than any of us trying to be heroes in blogosphere arguments and criticism.

A wise man once said that if “you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all”.

I mean they call it “constructive” criticism for a reason right? Constructive means that it’s supposed to help somehow. So yes if you have a problem with me and want to talk about it feel free, go ahead.

But if you want to personally dish out some insults, just try to leave the people I love out of it.


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