Cows Having Morning Meetings

I am not kidding. This is the third time.


Every morning, I have to take a 20-minute drive to work. Both sides of the highway are filled with just land, farm, acreages, and what not. Hence, the chances of seeing cows are pretty high; the cows could be grazing somberly away at the grass, sitting on their favourite patch of grass awaiting rain to fall, or even sprinting all out in the field as a morning excercise …

Seriously, have you seen a cow herd run before? You would think that they are a bunch of lazy asses just chewing away as if there’s no tomorrow. Last summer, I saw the weirdest thing. At that time, my colleague and I carpooled to work. She was very expressive of our morning observation …

“Holy smokes! I’ve never seen a cow run so fast in my entire life!! Did you see that? Have you seen a cow run so fast before?? Holy geebers!”

Ironically, there wasn’t a farmer’s dog forcing them to move. Perhaps, there was a coyote on the loose. Either way, I still don’t know the reason for the morning race.

Okay, those athletic cows were the dairy cows. Now, there’s something fishy going on with the beef cattle. For the third time in two weeks, I’ve seen them gathered at the edge of the farm closest to the highway. It is unlike any fun gathering you would expect from a herd of cows. In fact, it almost seemed like they were having a conference meeting. Better yet, a preaching session. Really, the normal scene would be: some eating grass and some standing (or sitting) to sightsee the humans driving on the highway. But this … for the third time … the cows were just standing close to each other … with one cow a little further than the rest, facing the rest of the herd (he looks to me like the leader of the pack). None were eating grass. None were sitting down. None were sight seeing the humans on the road.

I can’t help but question what they are actually doing. Today, I had an opportunity to view them in more detail because the car ahead of me slowed down quite a bit (I don’t know why). That was when I came to realize the cows were actually moving their mouths, but it wasn’t like how they usually chew on grass. Again, in my crazy mind … it almost seemed like they were “talking”.

Argh. I don’t know. It was just super-weird. Maybe it’s their morning jaw excersize or something.


2 thoughts on “Cows Having Morning Meetings

  1. i know!!!! lol they were having a nasty orgy lol. and hiding it from the public hahahahah. or it could be that the ground surrounding them had dead cow stench

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