I am a scarf addict

The thing about winter is that life gets pretty dull after a while. The blinding white snow blankets the streets and any uncovered surface. Not to mention darkness envelopes the sky by 4 p.m.. You can imagine the daily transition from white to black scenery. From the time you sip your first round of morning coffee until the last light switch you turn off before bedtime … there is little opportunity for colour to bounce about. In my opinion, it’s a pity for the eyes.

Generally, women magazines influence the fashion colours according to the four seasons. Spring and Summer are always bursting with bright red, green, and orange. Fall and Winter are usually more subdued with royal purples, shy grey, and mysterious black. I think that sometimes it gets a little too depressing. I cannot remember when exactly, but that perception I had was probably what drove me to colour myself with scarves. This is how I became a scarf addict

Each time I step foot in a shopping mall, I will always check out any good deals on scarves. Up to date, I have 12 scarfs … and I am still not satisfied with just 12! I can think twice about buying a new shirt, or pants … but with a scarf … I abide by the controversial love-at-first-sight theory.





My scarf collection so far has been mostly for winter-use. Now that spring is approaching fast, I have my eyes set on some lighter scarves. Kind of like those silk, just chic around the neck. Before, I did not pay too much attention to these type of scarves. Perhaps, it is the working aura in me that gives drives my inner desire to feel mature and womanly. I have to admit, it is quite a nice feeling.

It is just too bad that I cannot flaunt it at work. Well, it is a chemical plant. There is really no need to dress too business formal for work. I try to maintain a balance though, because I feel that looking good is what keeps your confidence going as well. It it makes you feel good, why not? Then again, I get this feeling that people at work tend to respect less of a woman who just dresses pretty. The mentality is that the woman does not have enough brains, and that she will just use her looks as an advantage.

I am determined to change this perception. I want to look presentable and portray intelligence. I don’t want to be casual every day with just jeans, a hooded sweater and sneakers. It won’t be any different than being a student at university! And who says a woman can’t be attractive and smart at the same time? Just like a guy who uses charisma as an extra weapon, a woman can use her feminine ways to get the job done.


2 thoughts on “I am a scarf addict

  1. oooh, i like the scarves. esp the left pink one in the last picture. is that your bedsheet/quilt in the background? i like that too… haha (i’m a bedding addict)

  2. Yes, yes that’s my bedsheet … I bought it from Aussino (in Msia). I am quite a bedding addict too but I haven’t had quite the money to splurge on beddings yet 😛 tee-hee!

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