The Bachelor Life

It’s a Friday, and I have nothing to do at work again. I am just pacing myself with breaks and studying some materials. I feel so restless when I am not busy. In my head, it does feel weird.

I like being in the apps room with the process apps engineers. There’s always something interesting to talk about (other than work). At least, it is not boredom before my eyes and ears. Honestly, I cannot sit still in the office for more than an hour. I wish I was working in those media publishing companies where there’s always a deadline every week. Run, run, run … rush, rush, rush … work, work, work.

Now, my daily work routine is …

Check e-mail … No important e-mail for self … check calender … update calender … now what? No one is here … what to do? … keep studying the materials … set-up meetings for projects … sit around … la la la …

Basically, I cannot do anything until the meetings start and that is because I facillitate those meetings. Perhaps, I need 20 projects in my backlog to get myself busy as a project manager. Currently, I only have four in my backlog. What more, I need to get approvals for each stage of the project before moving on to the next. And you know, as a junior … my projects are not priority items. If I forget to set a deadline for review or completion, it will be forgotten … like a lone piece of rotten pie.

That’s my life at work. Nothing too exciting. But wait …

Then, I come home from work. I make my dinner, watch TV, play the guitar a little. My mind has secondary thoughts of going to the gym (to excersize) but my body does not register. I end up slouching on the couch, downloading J-dramas to watch. Then, I go to bed at 10 or 11 PM, feeling restless again … thinking of what there is to do at work the next day.

Again, nothing too exciting. Still, it isn’t as bad. I have guitar lessons on Tuesdays, line dancing on Wednesdays, and Yoga on Fridays. Usually, I travel on weekends to see my old friends or Jackie.

What else is there to do in Red Deer? I am constantly trying to fill up empty time. Maybe I should advertise myself as a tutor. There is not much volunteer work available to fit my schedule because work already takes up 40 hours of my time per week! Then, I start to wonder when will I ever get to rekindle those fun moments with friends again … when will I ever be satsified with what I have … when will I find that lifestyle that I want so badly … when will I finally reach my breaking point, pack my bags and leave?

I am 23 years old, and still growing (damn). Every second the clock ticks seems so precious and fragile. This is my bachelor life. Am I ready to move on to the next phase?


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