My Malaysian Slang Surfaced Yesterday

I am still feeling fuzzy over events that happened yesterday. Either my brain was depleted of food or I was just feeling stressed out.

I told the associate that the printer was stuck. What comes to your mind when you hear someone say “The printer is stuck” ?

I know I received a confused facial expression as a response.

It was snowing for a bit later that day. I was rushing to my line dancing class when I saw my car covered in snow. But this is what I told Jackie … “My car snowed!”

What a showcase of words fluttering through my mind. I guess it did fluttered around too much. I think my true intention was to merely inform the associate that the printer was not working because the printing paper keeps getting stuck in the machine. As for the snowed car … I had this image of snow just falling gently over my car. Nowhere else but my car. Sort of like those cartoons that have scenes where the black cloud scoots above someone’s head and rain over them. Yeah, that was somewhat similar to my mind’s image of my car being snowed.

Geez. It was just one of those days …


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