Wandering Spirits (part 2)


I am so tired. It happened AGAIN last night. But this time, no faces or figures or whatsoever. Just some disturbance in voices.

Anyway, moving on …

Encounter #3

This incident occured when I got back from my 3-week holiday in Malaysia. It was the first night back in my apartment. I left the foyer light turned on the entire time I was gone. I went to bed as usual after switching off the lights in the apartment. Sometime during the night, in my half-conscious state … I saw a lady a white dress with waist-length black hair standing at the corner of my bed. She just stood still but I could not see her face. For a brief moment, she muttered something … I couldn’t hear exactly what it was and then she disappeared out my bedroom door. All of a sudden, I experienced something heavy pressing against my chest, making it difficult for me to breath and wake to consciousness. I was struggling to wake up but somehow, I managed to force myself out of this whole wacky scenario … and just calmed myself down back to sleep.

My “sources” said that my bedroom gathers more negative (yin) energy, and so I should keep the light on the entire time to promote some positive(yang) energy. Moreover, there is this huge tree just outside my bedroom window. Spirits tend to gather in big trees or something like that. Anyway, I took the advice. I can’t remember when I returned to the normal sleep mode (without the lights) … but two days ago, another incident occured. Much freakier …

Encounter #4

Okay, same old thing again … sleeping … half or 1/3 conscious state … I woke up to find the whole apartment dark, of which I started to feel a little scared. I turned on the bedroom light … couldn’t work. Panic level was already increasing slightly. I walked out of my bedroom into the hallway that connects the foyer, bathroom, and living area. I tried to turn on the foyer light. Yes, turned on. But it flickered off. I tried it again but in vain. I was already very frightened and confused why the lights are not turning on. Then, I tried the dining area switch, which was still located in same hallway. Same thing happened. And just when I was about to try it again, this entity appeared out of nowhere from the living area, scooted pass me in the hallway, into the bathroom. I clearly remember she or he … had a red shirt and blue pants. Suddenly, there was water spraying at me. I started to realize it was from the shower. I don’t know why but I ran away from it … I mean I don’t want to get wet, and so, I moved over to the center of the living room. My common sense was that I should hide far away because the shower cord is not long enough to reach me from the bathroom. But no … the shower head appeared from the corner of the hallway and started spraying at me again. Naturally, I moved outside into the balcony. I live on the third floor of this apartment. As soon as I was outside, the glass sliding doors shut close by itself, and through the glass I saw the full image of this entity, but I was confused because she was not wearing red shirt and blue pants. She had like a white T-shirt with green lining on her collar and sleeves, and short pants. She looked Asian. By this time, I was freaking out, and for some reason I had my cellphone with me. I started to call my mum but her hand reached out through the glass and tried to snatched it from me. Well, I guess she suceeded because I was already falling over the balcony … and that’s when I woke up.

Seriously, was that spirit trying to warn me that I need to leave this apartment? Did I offend her in any way?

Last night …

I was deprived of sleep and I felt so bad at work. To be cautious, I decided to turn on all the lights in my apartment last night, and keep the battery-operated buddhism chant turned on the entire time. I put it on the shelf in dining area so that it isn’t too loud (I am a light-sleeper). But no … this whole craziness just decided to fool around with me again … This time, in my half-conscious state again, the chanting gradually became louder. Once I could hear it clearly from my bed … the chant started to change … the words changed, the tune changed slightly … it was just disturbing. It only happened for a few seconds because I tried to concentrate on a different chanting in my heart … and it worked because I woke up right away. And the night returned to normal again, with the distant sounds of the buddhism chanting away in the dining area.

I don’t want to sleep alone anymore. I don’t know how tonight is going to be. I can’t wait till my boyfriend’s family come by to stay the night on Thursday.

I want to believe it is just a dream. But can I? Can I just let this haunt me again like how it did similarly 9 years ago?


6 thoughts on “Wandering Spirits (part 2)

  1. What happened 9 years ago?

    Obviously you don’t like your encounters. Perhaps you should ask a medium to transfer the being away from you.

    Or, ask the medium to put around a protective spell around you.

    But perhaps (and this I won’t recommend) – you should encounter the spirit/ entity yourself and not to disturb you anymore. (You got to be “strong” to this this!)

  2. Yes, I’m not suppoze to be afraid. But an advice given to me was … if it still continues, I should move out of there.

    In the mean time, I have had my friend’s parents help me tone down the problem. Apparently, it isn’t a harmful spirit … but it is a warning /sign that things may become worse.

    HOpefully, things will be okay. Thanks for the support 😉

  3. 9 years ago … I just had very terrible sleep every single night. At about 2-3 a.m.. Or sometimes during afternoon naps alone in the house, I will encounter something heavy pressing on my chest, and it was difficult to wake up from it.

    It was almost every night …

  4. I was told that spirits by themselves cannot harm humans as they are in a different universe.

    But I was told that spirits may tell us something…

    Something… about us…about somebody close to us… or even about events in the past, present or future…

    But sometimes the spirits even though they can’t harm us directly may torment us so much that in the end – that torment (or encounters) may eventually harm us…

    (and sometimes we can’t get the message of what the spirit is trying to tell us… and in such situations things may get worse as the spirit may sucessively come to us in a stronger manner, in each encounter)

    Anyway, I hope all the best to you.

    Are you living alone in your apartment?

    I hope you can get to talk about this issue to someone who is understanding (and have a sincere belief in you).

    I know how it feels when talking about these issues to someone who says that you are just imagining etc, etc… it feels very hurtful… and it does not help with the situation.

    And sometimes people like to say that they believe you, but as time goes by it, turns that they don’t really believe in you.. and then you feel so betrayed…


    Good Luck!

    And be strong!

  5. You’ve always had so many supernatural encounters o.o The most interesting of mine is whether I throw a tantrum and sleepwalk when I fall asleep downstairs and is made to go upstairs to bed…

  6. Yea, it sucks. It was always a horrible experience. I’m planning to move out though. Better safe than sorry. Now, I still sleep with the lights on. How pathetic of me T_T

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