Wandering Spirits

Why … why … why … do I have to go through this all the time. *sobz*
Can’t they spare me a peaceful night’s sleep?

It happened again last night. Whatever that thing was … now I am cautious enough to believe that this whole wandering spirit appearing in my “dreams” cannot be taken lightly. Well, partly because I am frightened each time I gain consciousness from sleeping. But the real deal is that I cannot afford to lose proper sleep hours anymore. It is affecting my work, and whatever impressions that I may draw as a junior engineer (e.g. not being punctual to work). Although, I have not received any warning or feedback on this issue at work 😛 Then again, you never know how leaders spent their time gathering in their weekly/monthly meetings.

Normally, I would not post about supernatural encounters like this. I cannot handle the annoying responses of retaliation such as:

“No such thing as ghosts!”
Yeah … hmm. Sure.

“It’s all in your head”
I SO wish it was. That way I can draw cartoon pac-man with huge palms so that it can just clamp the imaginary spirit flat, or perhaps big-gritted teeth so that it can just gobble up the spirit and get rid of it once and for all.

“It’s not logical”
Of course it is not. I don’t expect it to be programmed that way. Otherwise, I could just kill it with a bug myself.

“You’re hallucinating”
Oh gee. I’m on crack. I say “What’s up, girl?” to long-hair, white-clothed lady scooting past my bed. She then shakes my hand and we chat for hours about LIFE.

“You must have watched a horror movie before going to sleep. It’s just a normal nightmare”
Normal? There is such a thing as normal nightmares? Whoa … well then, I guess I’d rather sleep 24 hours a day and access that normal nightmare … it’s like a horror movie show anyway, right? What more I get to be the main star of the show! It’s cheaper than renting DVDs or going to the theater, eh?

And, last but not least …

“You’re being insane. You’re so dumb to believe stuff like that. It’s not even scientifically proven.”

This … I will not respond. I will just waste away my precious saliva. It will be like talking to an innate object like a tape recorder that spits out the same logical answer each time.

If you don’t want to read this, just exit. If you want to read it and still comment with retaliation … go ahead, just don’t expect a response from me. Truth is, I won’t deny that some people don’t believe in the supernatural. And so, I will respect that. I expect the same of you too, dear reader.


As I was saying … I will make this entry an exception because I am still frightened from what happened this morning. I do not deny that it could be the works of hormone changes in the body, causing frequent depression, nightmares, changes in the body and mind, etc … . A friend of mine told me to get my thyroids checked, of which I will … but because I have had several encounters before (at different events in my life) I truly feel those were very different from dreams/nightmares.


Encounter #1 

When my grandfather passed away, the wake ran for about 7 days long. During this time, everyone was emotionally drained and exhausted from daily errands. I was 14 years old at that time, and I did my very best to help out. But sometimes adults just think that it’s faster if they did it themselves.

It was mid-day, and the adults were all busy with chores downstairs of the two-storey pre-war shop lot. I was with my sister and youngest cousin (~5 years old) upstairs in the living area. Only three of us occupied the area upstairs. My sister and cousin were playing some silly let’s-chase-each-other-in-the-toy-car game. I just remembered them being quite noisy with the toy car, running back and forth from the living area into the hallway of bedrooms. I didn’t really care too much as I was very sleepy and tired. Therefore, I took a nap on the couch in the living area. The weird thing was, I only slept for about 10 minutes or so … and I thought I had been sleeping for 2 hours. It felt that long. What really happened was still clear in my mind as I can never forget the fear and shock I experienced for that 1 minute in time. Even though there was no apparation or what not, I could tell it was not a dream. It was the state at which my body was half-conscious and my surroundings were all the same as reality. If you really want to put it in another way, tradition has it that the person’s soul detaches from the body during sleep. That’s why parents sometimes warn about superstitions to not take photos of people sleeping, or draw on someone’s face while they are sleeping as they believe the soul would not be able to recognize and return to the body. Anyway, believe it or not … that’s just an aside …

But the couch started to shake … violently, for a good 15-20 seconds, and the feeling I got was it trying to push me off the couch. And the best part was I woke up to my consciousness right when my sister and cousin came running back noisly into the living area from the hallway. I was still very shaken from the whole experience, ran downstairs to find my mum and told her about it. Then, my mum realized that my grandfather always took afternoon naps on that couch. It could very well be related, I may have took his spot at the wrong time of the day …

Encounter #2

I can’t remember the exact year, but it was about one year after my grandfather passed away. It was “All Soul’s Day” or “Qing Ming Festival”. My family was back in Malacca for this. The adults were cleaning the tombstones of my grandparents, offering prayers and what not. My sister and (same) youngest cousin were having a fun time playing. My mum did warn them not to step on other people’s tombstones because it is disrespectful and might anger the spirits (if unfortunate). Well, throughout the whole time we were there, they took heed of the advice … but I guess somehow it did slip from my sister’s mind for a spilt moment. As it was time to go home, we were walking down the hill when my sister sort of walked into one of the tombstones by mistake. It was not a big deal then, my mum just raised her voice and told her to pray on the side and say sorry. Nothing really happened after that. But two days later … strange things started to occur when we arrived home in KL.

It was a Monday, and my parents were at work. The cleaning lady came by as usual to do some chores around the house. I was watching TV and my sister was playing in the room by herself. Then, I got tired of the TV, felt a little sleepy and so I just took a nap again on the couch in the living room.

This time, I don’t know how long I was sleeping for … but same thing … I was half-conscious or 1/3 conscious (whatever you call it) … my surroundings were the same as reality … and then this lady in white clothes with very long black hair just scooted past me on the couch, and disappeared out the balcony. As she scooted pass me, she said “Bye” and it echoed and echoed so loud that I thought I was going deaf.

Then I woke up. And to my surprise, my sister was beside me looking very pale. She explained that she just saw a face on the wall in the bathroom. My mum used to hang a wreath on the wall, and that’s where she saw the face of a lady. The scary part was … she had her eyes closed, and then she opened her eyes at my sister.

Now … definitely … this cannot be nightmare material. My parents got worried, went to seek help from the temple that night, and the monk told us that something “dirty” has followed us back home. Possibly from the “Qing Ming Festival”. We did prayers as told and after that everything was okay. Also, I was no longer having restless nights, where something heavy presses on my chest, suffocating me, and preventing me from waking up. But till today … we still did not figure out if it had anything related to the tombstone that my sister accidentally stepped on.

Encounter #3 and Encounter #4 (recent) will be posted tomorrow …


2 thoughts on “Wandering Spirits

  1. We share this world with other creatures and beings. Some of which can be seen; whilst some may not. And also there are some (the others) which may be seen in certain circumstances by certain people.

    I suppose the question now is whether we are able to withstand or tolerate their presence. That is a difficult one. Some people can’t tolerate the others, whilst some do; and some of us cherish for the ability to see and even communicate with the others.

    Hey, do post more of you encounters with the supernatural!

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