Common sense: Don’t occupy all three fuel pump stations!

I pulled into the Shell Gas Station yesterday and found myself stuck. There were six fuel pump stations, three on each side. I had to get my car on the left side, but this inconsiderate Shell customer was blocking my way with his car, occupying about half of the first station, all of the second station, and just 1/4 of the third station. #*!@?!? 

Well, maybe his car was very long. Or that the fuel stations were placed too close to each other. But common sense would tell you to move to the end fuel stations so that other cars can use the middle and the other end stations. So inconsiderate! Also, the fuel transfer cord was NOT long enough. Otherwise, I could have used the station on the other side. It was annoying!

And this guy left his like 3-year old kid in the passenger seat. I was facing his car head on, and so this kid was just staring at me with confusing eyes. I was staring at him with much confusion too … what was his dad thinking ?!?


On a happier note … I bought a guitar! And I’m taking guitar lessons now. After many years of neglecting piano playing, it feels great to be in tune with the music world again.

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2 thoughts on “Common sense: Don’t occupy all three fuel pump stations!

  1. No la… haha we made a CD for Maggie because she was leaving Canada. And Yee Ying’s friend played the guitar while we sang. I thought it will be fun to try guitar. Haha … cheaper than buying a piano lor

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