I dread Sundays

Eight hours … 480 minutes … or 28,800 seconds tick away obediently as I sit in my office everyday.

As I park my car outside the office, I ask myself: How long will I spend reading my e-mails today?

Is it much satisfaction to spend more than an hour reading e-mails? Perhaps, it is … or perhaps, it is not practical to do so. I still fall prey to my desires.

I am at a lost after reading them word for word. What do I do next? Yes, I have this information to gather. I have a meeting to set up. I organize, prepare, and set myself a goal. Why isn’t anybody accepting the invitation? Now, I have to reschedule. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I am still at a lost.

Eight hours … 480 minutes … or 28,800 seconds tick away silently as I sit in my office everyday.

I now wonder what is holding me back from going to the lunch room. Is my comfort zone controlling my judgement? I now wonder if that smile on my face was genuine. Or is it just a mask to protect myself from all the false pretenses that could hurt my fragile heart?

Five hours … 300 minutes … or 18,000 seconds tick away excitedly as I sit in my office every Friday.

This is the day that my mind would be filled with thoughts of peaceful sleep, love spells, relaxation, movie frenzy, shopping sprees, and genuine laughter. I am restless by the sight of the clock. Is it time to go home? It is definitely testing my patience.

What is the time now? I can never keep track as soon as I step foot outside my office. Did time come to a standstill? Or is it pacing faster as the weekend approaches? Well, it is not a bother anymore. I can only be free while I can … for as long as the clock stays silent and blind to my lonely eyes. As Sunday creeps up behind me and whispers reality into my ear, I sulk in bed. I am close to tears. I now hear the clock ticking fiercely away.

Time is my enemy in both ways. That is why I dread Sundays.


2 thoughts on “I dread Sundays

  1. Five day work? How about Saturday, do you work on Saturday too? Really, for those who has worked 12 hours a day 6-day-week, 5 days work is relaxing enough… just my 2cents

  2. You may have misunderstood my rant :p
    I’m perfectly fine with my 5-day, 8-hour work days. I was only expressing how I dread Sundays because I know I have to get back to work on Monday. And then I look forward to Friday and the weekend … but I dread Sunday again.

    Like a never-ending cycle.

    Also, the nature of my job does not require me to work 12-hours for 6-day a week.

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