Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Week 2 (late post)

Gosh, look at the date. I should have written this three weeks ago!

Anyhow, pictures never go out of date 🙂 By the way, I was too busy having fun in KL. And why I chose today as blogging day? Well, you should have guessed it by now … that I am back in ol’ Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Boring as ever, depressing as winter. Haha, that is why I am so free to resize pictures, upload them, and yak away.

On New Year’s (2008) we had a family outing to Pavillion, the newest and most glamorous shopping mall in town. It had an uncommon layout as a whole though … but most of the shops there are up-market retail stores; Louis Vutton, Coach, Hermes, MontBlanc, Escada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Versace, Juicy Couture, Shanghai Tang, Ermenegildo Zegna, Prada, Bebe, Massimo Dutti, Kiehl’s … and probably lots more of which I cannot recall now. I started to realize that shopping is everything to Asians.

No shopping = No life

And, I don’t disagree. Neither do I shun at the fact that we are growing so conscious of status, wealth, and power. As developing nations, I think it is part of the Asian culture. Perhaps, this truly represents the Asian society in this new age.

Also, I don’t mean just women alone get sucked into this whirlpool of extravagance. Hey, I saw more men shoppers in Burberry than women! Although, I still would not have sufficient buying power if I were to step into any of these stores. A part of me wonders if I will lose that Asian materialistic trait just by settling the rest of my life here in Canada. Perhaps, the province of Alberta is still a little behind in this context … I wonder if big cities like Vancouver or Toronto will be able to satisfy my lust for shopping (that’s if I ever earn that much to spend, tee-hee!). Ultimately, every girl’s dream is to be able to flaunt that materialistic nature in her.

Oh, shit. I just realize … I’m already 23 years old. Perhaps, that is why I dislike this small, boring Albertan town so much. I have to admit it out loud … I am a city-girl! Born this way, and proud to be one!


Seriously, some Canadians don’t even realize that we are that developed of a country. Some are quite extreme … they still think we live in wooden houses on the trees … but really, I think we are far more creative and up-scale in our desire to be glamorous. We flaunt ourselves in grandeur shopping complexes, sky scrapers, food havens, young and hip jazz festivals, fashion galas, world-class design showcases … alot of people underestimate our capabilities.

Heck, even when they heard I am from Malaysia … “Wow, you speak such good English! That’s amazing! How do you do it?”

Errr … that’s because I grew up speaking English?

Mr. Ang Moh … you need to be in tune with your global surroundings. Clearly, you have been out of the loop for a long time. Canadians, Americans, and British people are not the only ones who can speak English. Maybe so back in the days when conquering other nations was a hobby, but not in the new age. Am I sounding a little too bitter? Well, that’s because I don’t find their culture interesting, as far as I am concerned. I do respect it, but have no interest in being part of it. And of course, they have the right to be proud of who they are. After all, they are much more stable (politically and religiously).

Haha, a little too much of an off-tangent topic. In short,

Canada = stable country= clean country but an uninteresting culture.

Malaysia = home = fun = rich culture but politically unstable.

I got to choose one or the other, eh?

— I’m sorry, but it’s winter, it’s freaking cold and it’s a boring life. And I am being bitter about being here while everything I miss is back home —

Oh, my sister and I did something ridiculous. You see, I bought her a new cellphone accessory. In the car, she replaced her old one with this new bling. Now this old accessory has nowhere else to go, and so we looped it on my earring …



Weird fashion sense. Anyway …

I was happy to see my girlfriends again. It was so hard to believe how everyone has changed over the years. When we were back in high school, we were naive about everything … boys, gossip, friendship … Gosh, we’re so grown up already!

But I have no idea why we kept gathering at this restaurant at 1 Utama.


Come to think of it, it has always been at this restaurant … for many years now! Till today, I could not figure out why.

The next big event was my parents’ 23rd Anniversary! (Of course, that’s why I am 23 years old this year, haha). It’s funny because everyone thought it was their 25th anniversary. But my parents hinted that it will be an official celebration in two years’ time (and I have to plan it *gulp*). We ate at Ah Yatt’s Abalone Restaurant. The food was good! But I think I am allergic to abalone, or maybe it’s the sauce that comes with it. Half way through, I felt like my whole back and neck was numbing up. I also felt difficulty in breathing. The weird thing was that it only lasted for 15 minutes or so. After that, I was fine and dandy, gobbling away at more food at the table. I took a picture of the roast suckling pig … it turned out quite scary because of the two cherries as its eyes …



Well, that was Week 2’s fun! Next up, Week 3 🙂


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