Korean B.B.Q Restaurant – TTDI Plaza

Happy New Year, everyone!

I can’t believe all of 2007 has passed by. I guess when you are living life to the fullest … or perhaps just keeping busy, time flies by really fast. It’s just like comparing long and short holidays; short ones “should” last longer and long ones “could” be shorter.

Anyhow, I’m glad to be back. Not only is KL a shopping haven, but it is also a food haven! Now, I am seriously contemplating to stay on for another month!

(although, I could lose my job if I did that :P)

On New Year’s itself, dad gave us a good treat to dinner at Korean B.B.Q Restaurant @ TTDI Plaza.


It was absolutely fantastic! The service was excellent … the ambiance, calm and relaxing, and the food was delicious to the bone. Of course, all of that comes with a price – an expensive bill, haha!

But really, if you are looking for good quality food or perhaps just to celebrate a family/ romantic occasion … this is the place to be! And with the B.B.Q, you don’t have to work the hot plate until you sweat. The waiters will help you grill the meat and seafood. All you have to do is sit back and be served like a king/queen 😀


The twelve side dishes 


Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup 

Even the dinnerware was exquisitely stunning. Half way through our meals, the waiter brought four white coins of some sort. I was thinking, “Wow, is this some sort of dessert or dish in the shape of thick, cute coins?”


But no … as soon as he poured hot water over it … I realized I was fooled …


The supposedly four white coins expanded and transformed into hand towel rolls (wet tissues). Sneaky! What a cool trick, I thought! (actually, I was a bit jakun-la …because I never see before-ma :P)

Oh-so-good! You must try!

Food category: Asian/Korean Cuisine & B.B.Q

Price Range (per dish): RM 40 – RM200

*usually one dish can be shared by two or more*

jjme’s Rating: 5 stars


9 thoughts on “Korean B.B.Q Restaurant – TTDI Plaza

  1. Hmm … depending on what you would order, but I’m pretty sure it will be in the $350-$500 mark for 5-6 people. Don’t forget some of the dishes can be shared by 2 – 3 ppl though. The reason why it’s so expensive it’s because of the medicinal herbs that they use in their soup and stews. It is otherwise like any other normal meal with rice and dishes.

  2. you should try it now, they serve solely Royal Korean Food. i read online its the exact dishes that the Kings and royal families of ancient korea ate (as in the korean drama Dae Jang Geum), and its done by some top end chef. it sounded a bit much at first, but it sort of made alot of sense when i tried! a solid 9/10.. good to see a korean restaurant try something else for once, apart from the usual BBQ dishes

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