Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Week 1

I’m back home, Malaysia!

Please excuse my sudden whip of insanity. I believe it’s the scorching heat that has been piercing through my skin.

Anyhow, what a great holiday … away from Canada’s freezing winds and snow storms! I’m happy to be back! Most certainly feeling pampered with healthy homemade food, and excited with new shopping havens!



Although, I’ve discovered the perils of shopping at 1utama. That place can no longer be patronized during holidays and weekends. There are too many human beings at any one place at any time! (Mind you, even the ladies washrooms are lined up long). And seriously, what’s up with the way people walk here? It’s as though you are invisible! These people need to get their eyesights checked. I can’t imagine how they can bump into me when there is plenty of walking space ahead of them. They must have their medical check-ups soon. Either a balancing act gone wrong, or just pure eyesight problems.

On a more positive note, things are cheap to buy! Great variety in clothes, stationery, girly things, cutsie things, household items, shoes (oh, man … those wedges, sandals, high heels, tootsie toes … you name it!) and the list goes on!

I have not braved the roads in KL yet. Although I have driven before … I am still culturally shocked at the aggressive and this-is-my-fucking-road-who-cares-about-you attitude.

One word.


I’m pretty sure if I take my hands on the wheel … I’ll be on the wrong side of the road sooner than you think (you see, I’m used to the left-hand drive in Canada).

On Christmas eve, my parents invited my cousins over for dinner. It was to be a savory turkey dinner, of course … but my mum was a little stressed over the fact that my cousins might not know how to appreciate this dish. We also had to cook spaghetti and fishballs for the little kids (my niece and nephews). Mum was also worried we had too little food. We then cooked extra food, and after that she had to worry about serving too much food *faint*

Moreover, my cousin’s wife brought tiramisu cake and a huge gingerbread candy house. Another cousin brought donuts.

Fortunately, my cousin brothers had big appetites (otherwise, I would have smacked them for bringing extra food, LOL). It was a fun night, especially when my cousin brothers were half drunk. They became interestingly silly. I think the kids enjoyed it the most. Each of them had 2-3 three presents altogether.

What more can you ask for when the night had 5 bottles of wine and half a bottle of whisky consumed? 🙂






I traveled back to my grandparents place in Malacca too. Seriously, home cooked food is the best … and Hainan chicken rice balls!



I have been away from home so long that I missed the simplistic life styles such as having dinner with relatives, as well as Chinese cultures of celebrating the arrival of a newborn and wedding occasions.


Natalie here is the bright star of the year!


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