I need to write something!

Okay. I have a lame excuse for not posting anything so far.




I was kidnapped!

No. Just kidding.

I guess you can say I was held “hostage” at work for the longest time. I will be moving on to my next rotation at a different department next year. Hence, the packing and moving, and reports to finish up … Moreover, I am heading home to M’sia this Friday! As expected, minimal effort into packing for travel has yet to be noticed.

As I recalled the past few days, I can’t remember what I have been doing. I come home from work feeling really exhausted. At that point, the only thing on my mind is dinner. Honestly, I need a holiday. Thank goodness my meeting tomorrow is cancelled! It was an unexpected suprise. Although I wanted to do some work around it, half of my team members have left for holidays. I guess this is something to scream in glee. But, I still have one more report to complete.

It’s amazing how one’s mind can be so distant when holidays are counting down in the calender. I would imagine all things related to work just gets stored at Open-Only-After-Christmas compartment in the brain. The deparment (plant) that I am moving to is E1. I told the associate three weeks in advance that I have to move my stuff on the week of 17 December. She said she will handle everything, and now that I think of it … she did not ask me for any details at all during the first phone call/email. Then, I decided to check back with her … again she said she will work on it. At least, this time she asked for details. Horrors of all horrors, on the Friday of December 14, PE2 associate informed me that the movers only work on Tuesdays, and their last working day for 2007 was 18 December!! I immediately tried to contact the E1 associate, but she was in an all-day meeting. I was fortunate to have PE2 associate to help me out, and so we made a few phone calls here and there … and finally managed to squeeze me into the schedule for 18 December. But damn, I found out that I wasn’t even booked for anything beforehand, which means … the E1 associate wasn’t doing her job properly!!! And surprise, surprise … yesterday I moved my LCD monitor to E1, and I found out that the E1 associate was on holidays since the 17 December. @*#$! What was she thinking?? The PE2 associate told me that all associates should know the movers only work Tuesdays. It was odd that she agreed to book m my request for 21 December (Friday) — at that time I wasn’t aware of the movers work schedule.


Anyway, it’s all settled. My stuff is all there, safe and warm. So I won’t keep it at heart. I’ll just have to be more careful if I ask her to do anything next time.

I walked by the lunch room yesterday and found a huge pile of toys on the table. Apparently, they were for this year’s adoption family. I think every year PE2 adopts a family and donates food, clothes, and presents any children. I got pulled in to help wrap the presents. It wasn’t so bad, I have to admit I was pretty good at it. I don’t know when exactly I learned the technique to fold the wrappers, but I think I always observed how those service workers at Metrojaya (or Jaya Jusco) wrapped gifts for free. One of my collegues commented (a few times) that I’m so good at it. I felt quite embarassed, and not knowing how to respond … (and as dumb as I can be) … I replied saying that I worked part-time with this type of job before.

Seriously. It was a total lie. I don’t know why I said it! Then again, I don’t care if they believed it or not. It was just my way of getting out of an awkward over-complementing situation. I was thinking to myself this morning … The inspiration to be so meticulous with wrapping presents actually came from my dad. When I was much younger, I was always told by dad to wrap all my textbooks with clear plastic wrappers. And because I was too young to do it myself, I would watch him do it … so meticulously. I had to do it myself when I grew old enough though. I think learnt the same wrapping skills when I observed my dad wrapping presents too. Just a random thought, I guess.

Man, I should get back to writing my last report. I haven’t even started a sentence.


2 thoughts on “I need to write something!

  1. I hated it when daddy told me to wrap books. I hated books that were wrapped. So I endured the scolding until daddy got sick of telling me to wrap books. Lol.

    If I go home and find some books, STORYBOOKS, that are wrapped, i’m going to throw a fit!!!

  2. Ahahahahaha I don’t mind wrapped text books but I usually don’t wrap story books in a way that the covers cannot come off easily because i hate to damage any of my books… I also like to feel the cover textures!

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