The Mist

American author, Stephen King, just has a way with horror stories.

I was very keen on watching a movie at the cinema, and so I suggested to Jackie that we should watch Beowulf. However, he heard that it was not as good as it sounds … I was about to throw aside the idea of watching a movie when suddenly we remembered The Mist had recently been released.

The Mist is part of Stephen King’s horror story collection, of which was published as the last and longest story of the 1980 horror anthology Dark Forces. We decided that our Saturday night shall be complete with this show. I have heard a lot of comments about how sick Stephen King’s mind is. His stories are definitely not typical but I do feel that he perfectly relates humans’ survival instincts to the unpredictable. Even though he incorporates aliens, UFO, monsters, creatures of the dark … mystical things and so forth … it somehow never fails to leave shivers down your spine.

The story starts off with a family stepping out of their house after a violent thunderstorm the night before to inspect the degree of damage. They also discover a thick, unnatural mist seemingly from the mountains that was rapidly spreading across the lake. The small town of Bridgton, Maine, was soon covered with the mist, reducing visibility to near-zero and concealing mysterious creatures, which viciously attack any human who ventures out into the open. The source of the thick mist and the creatures are not revealed. However, as the story develops, strong speculations are made around the rumoured top-secret military facility up in the mountains.

The Mist revolves around the plight of a large group of people who become trapped in the town’s supermarket. As they uncover the true horrifying situation, (although still shockingly unbelievable to some), the story slowly reveals the psychological breakdown of the terrified people. A religious woman strongly believes that these events fulfill the biblical prophecy of the end-of-days, and that human sacrifice is required to keep the hungry creatures satisfied. The story interestingly showcases different human survival instincts that can lead anyone to do the unexpected. Realizing that staying in the supermarket will get them nowhere, a few people bravely venture out into the parking lot with hopes of running away in a vehicle. While successful at the attempt, they drive away into the mist that has spread all across Maine, with much uncertainty of the future …

The best part was the ending. It was … so powerful. I can’t explain it with words, but it definitely did not leave me thinking, “What kind of ending was that?”

I’m not sure if it’s released in Malaysia yet, but if it is then definitely put this on your to-watch list for the year. Just keep in mind it is a Stephen King’s story … not J.R.R Tolkien.

Source: The Mist, Wikipedia.


6 thoughts on “The Mist

  1. aiyo but i watched the stephen king’s show “1408”, and it was quite awful T____T
    haha beginning was quite intriguing la, but towards the middle it was so draggyyyyy

  2. I thought “1408″ was like the best “ang moh” ghost show so far. I didn’t think it was that draggy. I thought they went straight into the events and plot (which was good in my part). Haha. But I love John Cusack!!

  3. LOL It’s like Polar Express ba, if you watched that. It’s the same director.

    Watched Stardust? If you haven’t you HAVE OT WATCH IT NOW!!!

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