BERSIH Rally 2007 – Stand up for your rights

I was just browsing around Wikipedia and discovered there was a large political protest that occured yesterday (Malaysian time) November 10, 2007, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This peaceful rally was deemed illegal even though citizens were just bringing their hearts and voice to the Yang-di Pertuan Agong (Sultan/High King). The demand was for an electoral reform to get rid of corruption in the current system. The rights to free election were echoed fiercely but not far enough as the royal police force sprayed water cannons and tear gas at the protesters.

Watch the videos here:

BERSIH: Perhimpunan Rakyat Aman/ Peaceful People’s Assembly

Gathering in Kuala Lumpur 10 Nov 2007 – al Jazeera version

Something about it really moved me to tears. For I was not there to show my support for this movement. For I was not there to make a difference. I am proud to see a sense of unity in this rally. It’s difficult to see it in our daily lives … but this incident has proved that we can become one as Malaysians …


2 thoughts on “BERSIH Rally 2007 – Stand up for your rights

  1. Hey, bro, glad to see your heart’s in the right place even if your mind has been on money :-0

    Truly I felt proud of all those who decided to go anyway despite the wicked threats from BN and their privatized police force! Indeed, my heart was overflowing with love for this blessed land where the people are so lovable, resilient and tolerant – even though our government is the complete opposite.

  2. lol seeing as Anwar was one of the key organizers, I am not so sure it is not all a big publicity stunt for politics anyway. :/ I suppose everything is.

    Men (as in humans) will be men.

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