Eight-limbed girl – Success surgery

Lakshmi, a 2 year-old girl, was born in a remote village in the northern state of Bihar, India, with four arms and four legs. The family of this young girl had to hide her from deeply superstitious villagers, who believe she is the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess of wealth. These villagers tried to buy her for a circus!

A scientific explanation reveals that Lakshmi was born joined at the pelvis to a “parasitic twin” that stopped developing in the mother’s womb.


It seems like the head of the parasitic twin did not form at all, leaving Lakshmi with its attached lower and middle part of the body. The surgery to remove the additional limbs and reconstruct Lakshmi’s lower body took 24 hours. After all that, it was nice to hear that the doctors did it for free as the family could not afford to pay the hefty sum. Now, Lakshmi can lead a normal life.

Source: Surgery on Eight-Limbed Girl Declared Success


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