A Little Bit of Joy

I used to feel like I am running away from the dull life in Red Deer every weekend. Even if I have to be physically stuck here in this dingy town, my mind is constantly somewhere else … frolicking in Calgary, Edmonton, or K.L.. Suffice to say, it is not a crime anymore because for a long while now I have never felt so carefree and happy. There was not a single worry about work or life’s challenges. I had such a good time with my girlfriends.

Seven of us hungry girls had lunch at a Korean restaurant on Saturday. It was a yummy-ho meal! Quite interesting actually. There was this stew tofu pot, and bulgogi hot pot, with some house specialty chicken dish … ooohh … why don’t they have this kind of food in Red Deer!?! Our stomachs were filled with so much food … it was quite hard to concentrate on driving back after that. Oh, and I can’t imagine how a pedestrian can be so ignorant of the risks of jay-walking across a VERY busy two-way road comprising of five lanes. I mean if it was a clear road ahead on both sides … perhaps, it is still feasible to cross over (illegally). But on 109 St, seriously??? I was approaching the intersection quite slowly as there was a lot of traffic moving when suddenly to the right of me there were three guys already standing in the middle of the road … still looking awfully blur (with their Safeway grocery bags in their hands). I stopped in time, but the cars behind were blasting their horns so loud. It was really quite a funny sight. Then, when I made it to the red light … I got the shock of my life when I saw the driver next to me was Tom Cruise.

HAHAHAHAH! No, it wasn’t actually Tom Cruise … but he really did resemble him. I’m saying 90% of his looks here, pal! Yee didn’t do a good job at calming me down as she mentioned that he is a student at university. The only difference with him and the actual Tom Cruise is that he is way, way taller … like 6 feet 2 or something.

“Maybe he’s like Tom Cruise’s illegitimate child?!?”

“NO LA. It’s not even possible, okay. So you’re saying when Tom Cruise was 10 years old he had a child???? Are you crazy, Esther?”

*confusion filled my head*

“How did you derive to that conclusion?”

“Because that guy is about late twenties … or perhaps 30 years old …”

“You *gulp* know this … guy????”

“No la … I’ve seen him before in the school library.”

“Then how you know his age?”

Basically, I can’t remember how the conversation went on because it was interrupted by the waitress, who brought us the menu.

Oh, funny … there were more silly conversations that we had … I wish I could write them all down. Truthfully, I can only have these kind of conversations with Yee and Liana. Maybe it’s because we have known each other for so long … but we share the same kind of humour. We stayed up quite late on Saturday night … till about 3 a.m. … and just before Yee went back to her apartment, we had another silly conversation.

There was this figurine of a sexy anime girl on the shelf. Somehow, I noticed it and asked Liana whose figurine this was. She said it wasn’t hers, and so it could be her roommate’s. Then, Liana started playing with it. This figurine was wearing a sexy night gown and it was showing off a very huge cleavage. Well, that’s quite typical of Japanese anime girls … but she noticed that there was a part of the clothing that could come off, revealing more of the figurine’s boobs.

“Why are you still looking at her boobs? Eeyer Liana … “ I teased.

“I’m not looking at her boobs. I’m trying to figure out why this piece has a spring attached to it.”

“Don’t deny already la, Liana!” Yee teased again.

“Really la. I’m not looking at her boobs.”

“Aiyah … why need to look at hers. You look at your own can already lo,” Yee suggested.

“Look at your own boobs … for what?”

“I don’t know … just look la … when you are naked you can look at your own boobs what”

“Yeah, but for what purpose la?”

“I don’t know … do inspection lo.”

“Inspection? You inspect everyday wan meh?”

“Why not? After got lump somewhere, how?”

By this time, I was already laughing so hard just listening to the conversation.

“Why are you laughing ha, Esther? Laugh, laugh, laugh … so funny is it?” Yee asked while attempting to poke my boobs.

After a vain attempt, she mocked me with some Japanese words that mentioned something about my butt being black in colour.

Oh gosh. What a scene. Well, I did sleep soundly that night … I know that much 😉


One thought on “A Little Bit of Joy

  1. They sell those kind of porn dolls. People collect them. Their clothes can be taken off and fully naked …

    Some are horribly disproportionate, and I know this because a friend was laughing his balls off at one very ugly D-cup pink haired one … it just looked so horrendous.


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