I’m feeling lazy again on a Friday and because it is the long weekend ahead … I can’t help but think of off-work hours.

It’s bad, I know. Sometimes I like my job. Sometimes I don’t. At some times, I don’t care if the heat exchanger is going to foul and what not … (but this is only when I’ve hit my lowest point). I have been boggled with extra work though. A colleague of mine recently had a baby girl, and so I had to take over his responsibilities for about two weeks. In a way, it was good because I get to be the contact engineer for a while and gain learning experience. However, I’m a little worried now with my projects as I don’t have much time until my next rotation starts. I do want to complete them to some measurable extent.

I had fun yesterday in the control room. I love Team 5, they are an easy-going bunch … although they tease me a lot but at least, I feel welcomed there. All these years, I’ve encountered lots of people having trouble pronouncing my name. However, I made an interesting discovery yesterday as to the an operator’s effort in remembering my name. He says the first part of my name sounds like a shoe. The other part is like the name “Ann”. Not too long after he proudly explained his method, he conjured up another bright idea to give me the title “Bootann”.

Get it?

Shoe …

Boot … (they always have safety boots on at work)

Funny. They’re a nice bunch. Another operator chose to call me Shania. I don’t know how that has any similarties to my chinese name . It is definitely not because of resemblance of looks, I can tell you that much.

I’m trying to drive on my own now into e-town. Just like they say, it is a totally different environment in a big city. People are more impatient … abundant cars appearing out of nowhere … traffic congestion … more pedestrians on the road (I don’t want to hit anyone!). Either way, whether or not I get into an accident or somewhat … I need to learn how to drive in these conditions sooner or later!! I can have Jackie or my parents worrying about me but I can’t have them guiding me all the time …

It’s 11.30. I’m leaving work now, tee-hee. Half-day lerrrr!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (Don’t gobble up too much turkey)


One thought on “Lazy

  1. you’re right about big cities. Everything is so rushed! Have to get up early in the morning in order to reach the office on time. And good luck to ur work.

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