Masked Faces

“Do you work with B a lot?”

“Not much. I work mostly with A because I have to cover his position whenever he’s not in the office.”

“NO, what I meant was, do you work with him as a group??!”

“Erm … no not really.”

At that point, it didn’t matter if I answered wrongly or was not sure because I was shocked at the way she responded. Perhaps, she was mad or frustrated. But hey, that was simply rude. Naturally, her question wasn’t clear to me, and if she wanted clarification she could have asked it in a better way. The way our conversation took off was a little weird. When I met this girl for the first time, we were in a colleague’s car. She was so different … very friendly and easy to talk to.

Today, there was a sign of distance … tone of dislike … it was as though I had put dead roaches in her lunch box or something.

At times, I really can’t comprehend why people want to be so mean. I don’t know when this feeling started to grow in me, but it takes me a long while to trust someone. Perhaps, that is why I have so little friends. I just can’t stand the fact that I am befriending a person who is not sincere and bound to back stab me anytime.


5 thoughts on “Masked Faces

  1. Yeah, I get what you mean. But it gets difficult when everyone’s being defensive with each other innit?…like when people start to cultivate distrust towards people around them for one reason or another.

    Maybe that bitch was just having a bad day, or ran out of tampons or something.

  2. some ppl are like tat..but that doesnt mean u mst b like them too.
    1 of my friends once said this…it’s better to trust someone and risk getting hurt, than not trusting someone at all because life is not that way.

    imagine if every1 in this world don trust each other.

    jz follow ur gut feelings. there are more ppl out there who deserve to be trusted….than those who dont.

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