Bahasa apa ni?

Once upon a time, there was a debate over the importance of language proficiency in a Malaysian forum, namely The issue was that some people, who are not so proficient in the English language, voiced their opinions in a somewhat incomprehensible manner. Grammatical and spelling errors were evident in their posts, and this caused a great deal of stress to certain others who were trying to understand their response.

To me, I didn’t see a great deal in other people’s grammatical or spelling mistakes. Perhaps, there were a few who went below the “acceptable level” … but as long as the message is clearly conveyed, there is really no need to restrict access to only forum users who are well-versed in English. The forum victims who were attacked under this claim fought back by defending their rights to freedom of speech. Moreover, some were adamant in learning from others and felt comfortable practising their language skills at the forum.

And I agree. Until I saw this. I am not a big fan of forums, and I am not too sure of many forums that use “short-cut English” (or more like SMS colloquial texting) … but do check this out and see if can stay at least 5 minutes reading this. I came across this forum through mindspacemind and was intrigued by the depressing quality of everyone’s post. I don’t mean the content only … but the language itself … you be the judge yourself 🙂

kalu pompuan nak minang lelaki tgklah jugak lelaki yg camna hndk dipinangnya… jgn yang xdak saving pompuan tue gi pinang mmg cari nahas

I guess … I can understand the plight of those well-versed forum users who complained about this issue. It’s amazing how language transforms in forums. And I tend to pity those who seek alternatives (e.g. registering in forums) to improve their language proficiency.

Note that tidak ada or tak ada becomes xdak”

[English translation: Don’t Have]

I don’t know what is the significance of removing the “a” from kalau to become kalu

[English translation: If]

In fact, why was so much effort put into kalau when lelaki can be quite understandably laki?

[English translation: Boy/Man]

I still don’t comprehend the meaning of camna … or solve the proper spelling …

[English translation: ???]


7 thoughts on “Bahasa apa ni?

  1. ahaha i am so pro in reading words like these now! since i think i read them more than english these days T___T
    the weirdest part is….sometimes they spell words like ‘gila’ as ‘gler’…which doesn’t make sense, because there are the same number of alphabets in that word, so it isn’t short form anymore.
    they really shortened some things though…like “Macam mana” becomes “cmner”.
    haha i took 5 minutes to understand the 1st sms i received typed like that

  2. lolololololololol the forum really made my day xDD Too funny!!!!!! Kalau difahamkan, ok lah, tapi adanya post yang kalau nak fahamkan percakapan mereka itu seumpama nak fahamkan filem america dalam bahasa russia yang ditranslasi oleh orang brazil. lolololololololololol

  3. to give them the benefit of the doubt… perhaps they originated from kelantan and hence, the language bears much resemblance to loghat ‘kelehteh’.

    anyway, i have to disagree with you when u said ‘so long as the message gets thru, it’s fine’. it’s not always the case… and it really depends on the situation you’re in. in my line of work, i have to choose very carefully between the word could, would and should as it all have different implications.

    also… if one chooses to speak or write in improper grammar manner in this so called informal forum or meetings, it will somehow becomes a habit and when the real call comes… one might not be able to tune back to proper english.

  4. zewt:

    Yeah, you could be right about the kelantan local language influence. I never thought of that. But that “tidak” becoming “xdak” is interestingly smart.

    On another note, I feel that it shouldn’t be a factor used to restrict people’s access to forums. If constructive debate is to form in these forums, then so be it. I feel that it is unnecessary to outrightly attack people rudely about their grammatical and spelling errors in the middle of a public discussion. After all, everyone is trying their best to learn something from it. This is just an isolated incident I personally witness in one of the forums, I guess.

    And you’re right, it’s not always the case that the message gets across.

    If you read my article again carefully, you will come across this:
    “And I agree. Until I saw this.”

    “I guess … I can understand the plight of those well-versed forum users who complained about this issue.”

    I featured an example here to express that. Not that I am totally agreeing to it because it took me a few minutes to understand that entry. At the same time, I pity the reality that some of us face in the forums – uncalled humiliation and demotivation. That is all I am saying.

  5. Well, some malay dudes wanna sound like gangsta rappers too you know. Hence the tracksuits and the dreads and the blings and whatevers and well…their bahasa.

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