New phone, savvy?


Me want new phone. It’s always just an Asian thing, eh. Constantly updating phone inventory every two years or so. Some people do it every 6 months! (whenever there is a new model on sale …). I can no longer keep my temptations hidden. It needs to be released to the world!! I have been using my Motorola E398 for almost two years now. It’s a good solid phone … but still not “cool”. Anyway, I am earning my own income now, so I will have to save up for this too.

Gee … so many things to save up for. A car. A piano. A new cellphone. Tsk tsk tsk … of course, I can go back to Malaysia to splurge. After all, what I am earning here is three times the currency, and Asia is the best shopping haven! HohOHohoHohoho *grins from ear to ear*

But which phone to buy? I thought of Nokia, but I saw that there weren’t as many nice ones. Sony Ericsson?


S500i – looks very slim and sleek


Z250i – looks retro and cool

So, so, so? O____O

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9 thoughts on “New phone, savvy?

  1. leave me out of your stereotype! I do sometimes see a nice phone but whenever I buy a phone I tend to buy it with an intention to keep it for a long, long time!! I get attached to my things. 😦 Still miss my Sony T610 which died a tragic death. T_T But not as much as I miss my camera which got stolen at Spain!

    And the S500i looks well nice.

  2. irenelim:
    Yeah, I’m having a hard time deciding Nokia or Sony Ericsson. But I don’t know when these models are coming out in Malaysia … hmmm

    Wah! how did your camera got stolen ??? Reminds me of my bag that got stolen at Disneyland when I was 12 years old. It was so quick man, 2 seconds and I looked back at the bench … my bag sudah hilang! *Sob*

    But well … i don’t get attached to laptops/computers though … weird eh?

  3. ahahahah i have the S500i…bought it a month ago
    its quite nice la for that price…i got it like RM1k

    but the camera’s not really good though
    and another of my friend who has it complained that the buttons are all cracking….it hasn’t happened to me yet though….

    but overall, i still think its a pretty good phone…very pretty =)

  4. 1++ year ago, i bought nokia n70 AP set when it was jz released …around 2k. original was 2.3k.

    and till now, i still regret. i shld’ve used the money on something more beneficial – investment.

    things like handphones, cars….as long as you made the purchase, its value will drop by at least 20%.

    2k for 2 years…means 1k per year jz for handphone. 10 years, 10k. u can do a lot with 10k actually. 😉

    jz a simple advice 😛

    p/s…ah well, new phones are always cool. even i, am tempted to get a new handphone to replace my n70…. grhhh…..

  5. yunyun: Cannot … 😛

    8weeks: I’m so tempted to buy!

    Alvin: Thanks for the advice. Your reasoning makes sense. Then again, it’s all about luxury right? It’s the same concept when it comes to cars. We cannot think of a car as an investment. Spend RM 60-100K on one car where the value starts depreciating once you drive it on the road.

    LOL. I guess it’s just a fantasy of mine to own this phone 🙂

  6. If we have a car which is safe, not too small and affordable…it’ll be a big hit – like Myvi.
    Proton is quite affordable but it’s not really that safe…and it’s problematic.
    That’s why people are willing to fork out more to pay for Japanese cars.

    And…if we hv a public transport system which is as good as Singapore’s…most of us wouldn’t have to buy a car at all.

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