Namewee releasing new album

He has some talent. But I still cannot accept the fact that he came up with a rap for our national anthem, “Negaraku”. This is the news that caused quite a stir for the Malaysian government. However, no matter how annoyed I get with the Malaysian government sometimes, I still think that disrespecting the national anthem is one of the lowest thing a citizen can do.

Not to mention, this has become widespread news among other countries. Is it really that great after all? What are we trying to prove to the world? That we are just a rude bunch of young Malaysians mocking our own country? In my humble opinion, I think he should get arrested in the first place for rapping “Negaraku” – disrupting the national anthem’s representation of our country. It is wrong. In Canada, you will be arrested for doing such a thing because you have no respect for your country as a citizen. What do you think if a citizen of another country starts rapping our national anthem? It is more of a disgrace having your own citizen do this sort of thing! And there are people supporting him as well?

As little patritiosm you want to have for your country, just keep it to yourself. It disturbs me as to how many people support Namewee for his “Negaraku” rap.

I don’t think it is cool. It is not profound. Nor is it intelligent. That’s why I never want to follow this Namewee news along, or support anything because I think it is just plain ridiculous. After a friend of mine showed me this video about his new album, I had to say something.  I don’t know if that “Negaraku” rap he has is part of it, but I am adamant on my stand that I will not support him nor his CD.

If people want to make a difference for Malaysia, do it the right way. Show that you care by wanting to right the wrongs in Malaysia. Not by making a shit-ass joke out of our national anthem.


6 thoughts on “Namewee releasing new album

  1. hey man .. have you even read the translation of his lyrics?? He repeatedly saying he LOVE HIS COUNTRY (i believe you’re english-ed so shame on you) .. the only problem he has is the govt not doing a good job! C’mon … he made Msians realized just how important freedom of speech is when it’s taken away, this is why this year’s 50th celebration means a whole f^$%^&king lot more bcos of him …

  2. Our national anthem is a joke by itself. It’s not even an original tune.
    Malaysian politics is a joke.
    Malaysian democracy is dictatorship covered in whipped cream.
    Patriotism in Malaysian hearts barely exist anymore even among the bumis themselves.

    Name Wee sang the anthem with all his heart and soul, word for word, rhyme for rhyme and rhythm for rhythm. I have never in my life seen anyone sing it so passionately. He did not do anything to ruin it my friend. He simply featured it in his lil song, which speaks a lot of truth.

    It’s definitely not profound. It doesn’t have to be.
    While it’s not the most intelligent of songs, you can’t deny the truth carried in the lyrics.
    I believe Name Wee is trying to right the wrongs the right way, by starting with public awareness.

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