I want baby! (Do I?)

Gee-whiz. All these baby talk is getting a little overwhelming. A colleague of mine is expecting his baby in two weeks time. Then, I just found out my senior is 3 months pregnant. In fact, just three weeks ago, another colleague of mine became a father for the first time …

Everyone in the office has kids who are 2-5 years old. The interesting thing is that during these baby talks I feel like a three-year-old amongst a group of teenage girls who are constantly giggling and gossiping about boys – no idea whatsoever about the excitement.

Not that it is a bad thing. I am excited for them knowing that they are really happy about it. Having a baby is an abundant joy! To me, it’s just that a lot of pregnancy and labour information spills out into the air. And sometimes I question the integrity of listening to it at this point in time.

I love babies. They’re fun to play with (especially when they cannot walk yet and just go gu-ga). Moreover, they are easily amused at everything. I guess it is a whole different perspective when I say, “I love babies” because now they just look so adorable. Then again, who doesn’t love babies, right? Not many are aware of the smile on their faces when the look at a baby. Most definitely, it will be a whole new emotion when I finally have my own.

It is funny to hear these stories over lunch at work. My colleague will talk about how her daughter would pronounce frog as “fuck” just because she can’t roll the “R” properly yet. When they go to Home Depot and the toddler spots a frog on the shower curtain, she would get all excited and just yell “fuck, fuck!” (real intention was “frog, frog!”). Or this one time where my senior was explaining how her daughter compared her own boobies to her mom’s,

“Amy’s boobies like this!” (puts her hands at her chest)

“Mommy’s boobies like this!!!” (stretches her whole arm’s length out)

There’s this other story where my colleague’s baby girl was bathing with her husband and herself. Naturally, the inquisitive young mind was wondering what is that thing dangling between daddy’s legs. To much surprise, the baby girl just trotted over and pulled it! Yeeeoww!

Haha, you almost can’t help but laugh along because it is so funny! It’s almost like reading baby tabloids everyday at work (just kidding). But, they are just so cute, right? When I finally got to meet some of these “celebrity” babies, I could understand why they are so famous!

Today, we had to drive down to Calgary for a meeting. This time around, it was not so much about babies. It was more of the discussion around the husband’s role when his wife goes into labour. In my memory, I recall having heard some of these stories from my mum too. The process of giving birth … the complications that can arise … baby ending up in a posterior position or the umbilical cord wrapping around its neck … c-section or natural birth … epidural – to take or not …

And, to me … it was scary. Even though they were saying how at that point you just want to get the baby out, and how when she/he is born all the pain in the world will feel like butterflies fluttering lifelessly around. The thought of the baby being injured during the process … the thought of your own life in danger … also, the fact that nurses and doctors may not be the best confidante at all, telling you that what you’re experiencing is okay because it’s your first time but actually there are complications going on …

Well. Baby or not? I guess, I am really not ready to have my own … yet.


4 thoughts on “I want baby! (Do I?)

  1. hey, thanks for dropping by in my blog..though my blog is a bit..*ahem* confusing at times. haha.

    oh, talkin bout baby, i met my colleague’s sons jz now. the youngest is only 2-3 yrs old. very cute. 😀 he will cut his own food…then slowly eat on his own. hahah.

    then another fren’s baby girl…i think around 1 year old or younger. kept on laughing at one side. then looked at me and laughed.

    er…donno why babies or kids 0-3 yrs old, like to look at me. maybe they think this uncle looks funny. =_=

    *sighs*…i’m not uncle yet la

  2. yunyun:

    Okay, that baby girl didn’t think it was gross. Haha, but it’s funny coz the dad doesn’t want to shower with the wife and baby anymore 😛 Then again, the baby girl doesn’t do it anymore lerrr ….


    I guess they are curious everytime they see an unfamiliar face? Like yesterday, my colleague had to drop her off at daycare before we pick up other colleagues to go to Calgary, I said Hi to the baby girl at the backseat … and she was just shocked! Her big blue eyes were just looking at me, haha!

    But when they reach 5 or 6 years old ….. errrrrrrrr …. that’s not the age that I like to play with actually haha.

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