M’am, I Want My Donut On A Plate

I took the bus today and went on a relaxed shopping spree. At Chapters, I bought two books and some cute postcards all for only $17.00 (I am a cheapskate when it comes to books, hehe). It was time to go home when I passed by Tim Hortons on the way to the bus stop. Yes, my stomach needed some food, and so I trotted eagerly into the restaurant.

Now, as far as I remember … the Timmy people serving you will ask if it is to stay or to go. This will prompt them to put your delicious sandwich or donut in a plate of some sort or a paper bag. Naturally, they get so busy all the time that there is no minute to spare to clean up dishes (e.g. plates … cups … ). Therefore, I understand if they bag it up all the time. Just like the sandwich that they wrap up nicely in Timmy papers. I give no room for acceptance if the Timmy girl puts the donut on the tray itself (the white thin paper that they use to pick up the donuts doesn’t count either).

How the heck am I suppoze to believe that the tray is clean?

“I don’t want this donut anymore. You just place it on the tray.”

(Timmy girl looks at me stunned. After a few thought provoking seconds, she took the donut and threw it in the bin. She returned with another donut on a plate)

“Sorry, we don’t usually put them on plates,” said Timmy girl with a look of disgust on her face.

“You could have put it in a bag or something. The tray may not be clean,” I said (with much disgust too) at her rude attitude.

She walked away to serve another customer … and I don’t think she even listened to my whole comment.

That’s why I hate these proud Caucasians sometimes. Arrogant toots, really. What is there to boast about your honesty. Or supreme trust in cleanliness. Behind my backs, they will scrutinize this Chinese girl with her ideal and annoying sense of food.

McDonald serves ten times better then you guys. If you don’t want to put it in a plate … just bag it up. That was how my Timmy food have been served elsewhere even when they didn’t ask me if it was to stay or to go. They bagged it up. Simple. Don’t want to wash plates, then just put it in a bag, and serve it on the tray. At times, we don’t even need a tray. At least, it’s not sitting obliviously to bacteria on the yucky-looking grey tray. If Timmy waitresses do not have time to wash up plates and cups … I have reason to believe that they do not wash their trays clean!

Idiots. ~Baka~


4 thoughts on “M’am, I Want My Donut On A Plate

  1. Food service workers are typically an underpaid, surly bunch. Even so, the people at McDonald’s always seem to do a decent job and they’ll correct mistakes without argument!

  2. haha Timmy girl…at 1st i ter-read it as ‘timid girl’
    haha their donuts nice or not? is it like krispy kremes? =D

  3. Dave Lucas: Yeah, that’s very true!

    8weeks: I’ve never had krispy kremes before oh :/ hehe but okay okay la. It’s cheap and pretty good

    yunyun: You have a point there. Guys are usually more inclined to work harder.

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