Climbing the Untypical Ladder

When I was much younger, I loved to play on ladders. As a kid, I tend to think of everything as a playground. I would climb up and sit on the top of the ladder feeling almighty. Soon enough, I brought my dolls into the picture too. I can’t exactly recall the details of those childish imaginations I had back then … but that certainly isn’t quite the fun I had at work with ladders today.

Gee … as a kid … I never knew what gravity was, eh … not to mention the potential energy increase that is required to climb higher, and higher …

At least, now I know. I had to climb up these decanted solvent driers which were quite tall (30-40 feet high). Not fun.

Okay, it’s not as bad as it is shown in the picture above … my feet would have froze if I were to climb that high. Eiffel tower was already a scare for me … then again, that isn’t quite a ladder. It was the see-through elevators that glided to the top at amazing speed.

Phew. Work was tough today. More glitches in my operating instruction … more problems to solve (at the last minute). My mentor assured me that it’s the way it is and I just have to deal with it. That’s the whole learning part, eh? But she’s being too modest at times. Now that she realized it’s not quite a straightforward solution, she says she had given me a tough project to handle. I think I’m quite incapable at times … but I am hoping to learn good things out of this like time and priority management, communication skills, and technical knowledge. For the most part, I feel like a fool when it comes to technical stuff. When I was in school, everything made sense … but now, it’s so odd that I can’t remember theories well … I am planning to dedicate one fine weekend to do a bit of review (although, it’s hard to say … I might procrastinate).

Anyway, my point is. Climbing ladders wasn’t that fun today. Also, I need to exercise. I climbed three flight of stairs and was already panting … quite unlike my usual self. I climb three floors up to my house back in Malaysia … and this I couldn’t do without feeling exhausted … what a shame 😦


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