When You Truly Hope

Every day, I hear something of a hope. It could be someone hoping to get a job offer. Or even a hope for a bonus pay. These many luxuries or necessities in life that we hope for … feels important at that point in time … but are we really tied to it emotionally? That we could never live without it even if that hope was not achieved successfull? Does it really matter in the end?

Watching the news on the Missippi River bridge collapse got me thinking on the things that I had hoped for in life. It was one of those replay news on CNN … they interviewed a family of two daughters and their father. Their mother was missing after the bridge collapse … and they were waiting and hoping for some good news … or at least a miracle? Something about the way they talked about their mother. I felt like words poured out with so much humility … and truth … that it hurts. When we hope for a new car … or a brandish present, what is it all about? Why does it feel so different? To hope for someone to come back home alive … and to say the least, that the most wonderful gift anyone can have is hope … what does it all mean when it doesn’t come back to you?

I watched the tears that rolled down the daughter’s cheeks … and how calm she was trying to be. Constantly reassuring herself that her mom will be fine. I saw strength next to hope. And the minute that she forced a smile upon herself … I thought to myself, “What happens to that smile if they told her mom was never coming back?”

True enough, when the screen switched back to the news reporter … autopsy confirmed that one of the four dead was their mother.

It was sad. And then I started to recall all the things that I hoped for … were they even worth the disappointments and those emotional rants when I didn’t get what I wanted? What if one day I have to truly hope for something so important in my life?

Back to reality … this is the kind of responsibility that an engineer has to face. I’m constantly challenging myself if I really do have that capability to prevent loss of lives.


4 thoughts on “When You Truly Hope

  1. Forgot to ask – do chemical engineers get the engineer’s ring too? =o and I’ve been following that news too :/ Really heart wrenching.

  2. Oooo, next time you come back I will gawk at it. Because I’m suaku and not afraid to admit it! Hahhaha.

    My old Physics teacher (from ICPU) told me about the story of how that tradition came around and ever since I’ve been eyeing the pinky fingers of engineers all around the world. :X

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