The Thing about Music

I was chatting with a fellow friend about engineering job opportunities when he suddenly mentioned about a video on YouTube and the comments that people have poured. According to the comments, people claim that Sissel Kyrkjebø is a better singer than Celine Dion, and the producers should not have put Sissel in the background vocals for the Titanic theme song.

As for me, I personally don’t compare singers and their music, especially on the basis of which song/music is better. My theory is very simple. Each individual has a talent, but it is how they project their talent that will make them famous in the world of music. Of course, when it comes to competitions and such … there is a certain guideline that helps judges measure talent. But in the large scheme of things, you can’t measure talent based on just what you like and don’t like. Why do you think these reality TV shows (e.g. American Idol) have more than one judge? Often, not all of them have the same reasons when it comes to judging. Different people have different expectations thus I don’t buy the fact that we can just judge who is a better singer in the Titanic theme song. Additionally, that is the why it is not easy to become a judge for any kind of event.

Don’t get me wrong, and I may be a little over critical on this subject. We have the right to say our own views regarding our likes and dislikes. The one thing that sparked my interest to debate on this area is the hypocrisy of it all. Some people just follow along with the crowd when they hear something is good, something is bad. I am just not that kind of person as I hold strong to my own personal taste when it comes to music. I never judge whether the voice is stronger or more powerful because to me it is the music that touches my heart.

And, it is like art. You don’t compare Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vincci together. They are both very different minds weaving their talent on a piece of canvas. It is what you as a viewer prefer. And what you like to see should be genuine, not by listening to comments on which art stroke or colouring is better. Having said that, Sissel and Celine have two very different voices. If it is Sissel’s voice that touches your soul, then by all means listen to it as you like. My point is, it is not justified if Celine comes into the picture as comparison.

That is why I never comment on other people’s music library. It may be noise to my ears because I don’t fancy heavy metal music. It may be soothing but boring, but I never say it out loud. I approach it with an open mind; I approach it as it is … music.

A long time ago, I had a friend who would comment on every kind of music that I listen to. When it came to R&B music, she would scorn it as being low-quality. When it came to Michael Buble, she would tease it as old, slow, and boring. When it came to Techno music, she would cover her ears and insult it as noise. Honestly, I really wanted to give her ear plugs each time she came around. She would look through my playlist and just scrutinized the kind of music I listen to. If I wanted to be really mean, I would have said that she didn’t know how to appreciate music. But I did not want to waste my breath because she has too strong of a personality to admit her mistakes. And it’s true, because I consider myself as someone who listens to songs for what they truly are. I don’t compare obliviously between Techno and Pop music. The same when it comes to singing voices. I don’t compare Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. If there is a song of theirs that doesn’t appeal to me, I just don’t listen to it. Come on, every album that you buy on the rack … was there not even one song that wasn’t as nice? Not all of them are perfect.

And so, if you have no basis as to why someone shouldn’t listen to a certain music … just swallow back those artsy words, smile and sip your drink. And, if you have no basis as to why the producers chose a certain someone to sing a movie theme song … just hold it. For all we know, it could be the fact that she is Norwegian and they needed someone who was already an icon in the music industry.


4 thoughts on “The Thing about Music

  1. hey jjme,

    you should really get a tagboard. haha easier to communicate instead of having to comment here to get your attention. =P

    anyway, just wanna let you know that i changed my blog address recently. but only slightly. too many family members visiting my blog =P. my blog address is now

    ttyl. see ya. 😉

  2. Haha, true enough.

    The music industry is teeming with marketing people – and most of the time, singing isn’t the only criteria. =x But every aspect of life is frought with these sort of discriminations; being expected to be a certain type of person to fill in a certain type of job, even though you do the job perfectly well – so who’s to complain?

    I certainly hate that Titanic song though. Damn whoever who decided to make the radios play a perfectly good song every 15 minutes and thus spoilt it!!!

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