Plants that rid the Spook


Finally, my plants are in full bloom! The orange tiger lily plant is showing its prowess (haha).

I bought three more plants yesterday at the Farmer’s Market. This time, they are herb plants. They really smell good! I bought basil, mint, and sage. My colleague told me that sage is believed to ward off evil spirits in homes. I have never heard of that before. I bought one just in case 😛

I consider myself quite superstitious. For me, I’ve never come face to face seeing a ghost before. However, I have had bad experiences when they disturb me in my dreams, or in an unconscious state. In my humble opinion, there’s a difference between a nightmare, and an evil spirit just trying to disturb you during sleep.

Years ago in Cameron Highlands, my family and I joined a friend’s family for a holiday and we stayed in one of those big bungalows up on the hill. It was unbelievably fun to have the caretakers cook delicious food for every meal. However, there were some spooky things that happened in that big, eerie house too.

My dad, his friend, and I had some weird experiences. One night, we were all sitting in the common room where the children were playing games, and the parents were all drinking wine. My dad just took a shower and came into the room to join the crowd. He approached the single-seater couch located near the fireplace. Suddenly, we realized my dad had spilled the glass of wine onto his shirt, and my dad wasn’t even fully seated in the chair. Later that night, when all of us retreated into our own bedrooms, my dad told me that there was “someone” or “something” that was actually sitting in that chair. He felt it because that “someone” was trying to get out of the chair as he was about to sit on it. I guess the “someone” didn’t do a very good job at being discreet … bumped my dad a little and that’s how the spill happened. Pretty courteous spirit, though 😉

The next day, my dad’s friend was inside the house at the front doors looking at some of the notices on the bulletin board. He unpinned some of the notices to get a better read. He then realized he had to get something in the bedroom, which is located just next to the main entrance. He pinned the notices back on the board hastily and walked towards the room. This is the spooky part … while he was approaching the bedroom, at the corner of his eye he saw the papers falling from the bulletin board onto the floor (he didn’t pinned them properly). He went into the room and 5 seconds later he came back out and the papers were pinned back on the board by itself.

Five seconds … no one else was in the hallway. If anyone came through the main doors, he would have heard it. Another humble spirit taking care of the cleanliness of the house?

I, on the other hand, did not encounter the friendly spirits of the neighbourhood. I had a really horrible “nightmare”. Four of us had to squeeze into one room. My sister was very young at that time, and so she slept with my parents on the queen-sized bed. I was sleeping on the floor beside the bed. Gosh, I can’t even describe how scary it was. It was started off like a dream. I was in a very crowded place … I couldn’t tell where. Everything looked very blurry around me. I could not walk around much because it was so squished. Then, from the corner of my eye, a sharp figure of a person … or “being” approached me from afar at a very fast speed. Next thing I knew, he was sort of repetitively nibbling hard on my neck. Okay, I was scared, right. So I had to wake up. I tried, but I couldn’t. I could not open my eyes. The dream was already gone by then, but I could still feel the biting on my neck. That’s when I felt a heavy pressure on my chest. I could not say a word, could not move, my eyes were flickering hard, trying to open. I don’t know how I managed to get out of that state but the next day, I was sick and had a fever.

Brrr … Cameron Highlands … maybe they should start planting sage around the houses!


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