Pissed in Cat’s Ear

Here’s a fun one (courtesy of Jackie):

A 4-year old boy wanted to play with his pet cat. A while later, he came running to his dad and said,

“Daddy, daddy … the cat is dead!!”

“What happened, son?”

“I pissed in the cat’s ear!”

“You … what??”

“I pissed in the ear! Quick, daddy, come and see!”

Feeling alarmed, his dad followed the son to where the cat was. Surprisingly, the cat was up and walking about, doing just fine.

“The cat is not dead, son. He is fine.”

“But I pissed in the cat’s ear just now and the cat didn’t move!”

What do you think actually happened, folks? 😉

(By the way, it is a true story).


4 thoughts on “Pissed in Cat’s Ear

  1. Aiyo, so smart! Haha.
    But you know what’s funny, this scene actually happened to my boyfriend’s co-worker just recently! Kids nowadays, huh? 😛

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