Thank Goodness, No Driving in Malaysia For Me

I took a day off from work yesterday to attend a driving lesson with AMA (Alberta Motor Association). It was a very good learning experience, and as I compared the knowledge I gained from Malaysian driving schools … I realized there are lots that I should have known before venturing out into KL roads.

Suffice to say, I am quite stressed out when it comes to driving in Malaysia. I remember my first encounter with some idiotic Kancil driver on the LDP highway … (I was just an innocent probationary driver *blink blink*). My dad was sitting right beside me too and boy, the way he yelled at that Kancil driver was enough to make the hair on my body stand. Anyway, it wasn’t my fault. I needed to switch lanes, and I did the correct steps … checked the mirrors, blind spots, and just when I was about to switch lanes … the stupid blue kancil behind me sped so fast as though he did not want me to switch lanes. Idiot, right? Worse, he honked at me so loud and long (yeah, M’sians love to blast on the horn for one minute). The guy sped up even more to pass me. As he passed, he glared at me like he was some gargoyle from hell or something. That’s when my dad knocked hard on the “P” sticker on the windscreen and yelled, “Tak da tengok ini P ah!!!! BODOH!”


I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Kancil’s here in Canada. Moreover, drivers here are courteous. Yes, the one thing we Malaysian lack is courtesy (although, I have to admit we might be more skilled at defensive driving). The roads here make sense. Signs are appropriately posted and seem sensible to drivers on the road. Why can’t we have this safe driving environment in Malaysia?

LoL … do you have any experiences to share about irritating Malaysian driving habits?


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