It’s that time of the year where I have to get my hair cut … again.

(Actually, it’s been 5 months since my last hair cut … eek!)

Really, what hair style should I do this time? A part of me doesn’t want to be plain Jane. Then again, some cool hair styles don’t suit my face and teeny, crooked eyes. Last night, I discussed hair styles with Jackie and asked for his opinion.

“I was thinking of cutting my hair with bangs.”

He stares blankly at me.

“You know, those typical girls whom they call china dolls because of that really straight-cut hair and bangs across the forehead?”

Silence. Blink, blink.

Okay, so he doesn’t know what bangs are. Then, I tell him it’s like a fringe.

He stares blankly at me again.

Obviously, he doesn’t know what a fringe means.

So, I had to visually show him what it is. I fluffed hair in front of my face … took them together in a bunch, and put it up to where the fold meets my eyebrows … just to give him a rough idea how bangs would look like.

Blink-blink again.

Then, he scrunched his face into the pillow and expressed a heartful “No!”

It’s amazing how boyfriends can be so cute sometimes.


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