Wake Up


These words seems so true.

I wake up every morning not wanting to do anything. Let alone go to work. Then again, that’s because I don’t have my own vehicle and the freedom to work at my own pace. Still, this feeling of not wanting to do any hard work … it is purely a dream. Constantly dreaming of that blissful life, that gorgeous house, and furniture, adorning myself with fashionable clothes, make-up, jewelry … with that perfect husband (who will give me “hong pao” every day to spend), and that lovely baby to fulfill my happiness. The life of a woman … it is so predictable, isn’t it?

Then again, times have changed. Women are now able to stand up and live their life the way they want it to be. To fight for their rights, and earn that equality. Sigh. I guess I am not supporting the fact that I want to be the proverbial home maker. With time being so imminent, and every moment seems to be engulfed by $$$ … it is difficult to invest it in our true passion. I can tell you a million things that I love to do for a living.

I love to teach. I love music. I love art. Anything that I can make with my bare hands. If I could travel and contribute an experience in writing … if I could play in a music band … if only, right?

Then again, these are many dreams. It is possible to chase them all, but when reality catches up with our current lives … it isn’t that simple anymore.

But dreams are driven by desires too. And I guess … you can only live once in this lifetime of choices. I will try my best to find that passion within me.


One thought on “Wake Up

  1. Everyone has their own dreams…but not many can actually pursue those dreams. Maybe its because of commitments…or responsibilities…or our culture? Not sure. Some ppl are afraid that chasing after their passions/dreams will not bring them anywhere. Well…true and not true. Many successful people went after their dreams and ended up being very successful – obviously more successful than your average 9-5 cheap labor kind of guy. 😉

    For me…i want to pursue my dreams/passions…but i do hv commitments. My parents are not working and they’re those typical “old-fashioned” thinker. Try read the book from Robert Kiyosaki….RIch dad, poor dad.

    Conclusion, never try never know. Commitments yes…so i m trying my best to do watever i can to make sure i can last 2 years w/o salary…so that i at least, can cover up for those commitments while chasing after my dreams 😉

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