Convocation and Banff, CA

I’ve been trying to catch up with sleep after four days of absolute fun last week! My parents and I headed back to Edmonton on June 6 after I was done work. I had to pick up my graduation apparel and my degree certificate at the bookstore (woohoo!). I’ve heard past stories where students complained about the ceremony being very boring and long. But I guess you really do have to sit through the rest of the names. Not to mention, the inspiring speeches too (I think there were at least 5 of them). I know I was taking turns to clap. Hey, I wasn’t able to clap for all 700 graduands. It was fun taking pictures after the ceremony. Although, I did feel that some of my friends were a little distant. Anyway, here are some good pictures to share. I can’t believe it … I have graduated!


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After the ceremony, we had lunch and drove to Canmore for our little holiday. Canmore is approximately 6 km away from Banff National Park, which is Canada’s oldest national park. It was established in 1885 in the Canadian Rockies. We stayed at a beautiful chalet in Canmore. The view of the mountains are spectacular! It was so relaxing … it felt we were living in a summer house actually.

I had such a great time and the fact that I could share this wonderful holiday with my parent, my boyfriend, and my best friend …. I couldn’t have asked for anything else. My heart was so heavy when it was time for us to drive back home. Also, my parents were leaving the next day … and I had to go to work the day after … Gosh. I couldn’t hold back my tears when my parents went in the car and drove off to Edmonton. Okay, lessen the drama and bring out the pictures 😛


We saw bears!! While driving back on the highway, we came across so many bears and deers along the roadside. These were baby bears though as they don’t look very “adult” size, haha! There were grizzly and black bears. And the view … was simply magnificent. I haven’t been in touch with nature for a long time … not that I usually go hiking and caves everyday. But this is definitely a sight to behold, to see how these mountains stand so majestically … and we never realize how it was originally formed? Believe it or not, this land was once the bottom of an ocean millions of years ago. Now they are snow-capped mountains. The weather was not on the sunny side. We could have seen the reflection of the mountains on the lake if it was good weather. It did rain quite a bit, not to mention it was slightly cold though. Here’s an example (from Wikipedia) how the view should look if it’s really good weather …

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

I know where my camping trip is going to be next 😉


2 thoughts on “Convocation and Banff, CA

  1. You couldn’t hold back your tears?

    Damn, now you’re making me feel guilty. Lol


    But it’s different. Daddy wasn’t being an angry volcano during your whole trip. I’m sure you had more fun than me.

    How can they expect me to be sad after all that?

    Not that I’m still angry at them. Hehe.

  2. Come on, it’s not like nothing upsetting happened during the trip too. But I just learn to forgive and forget about it. There’s no use fussing about it forever. It’s all about making things better and making it happen, right?

    And I’ve been away from home so long, of course I miss their company and all.

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