Classic Movies

It feels so good to have Cable TV!

Not only is there entertaining reality TV shows, and hilarious TV sitcoms but classic old movies too … what more can I ask for?

Two nights ago, I was watching “While You Were Sleeping” starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. This is one of the most romantic movies ever, and it is still my favourite! I think Bill Pullman is the kind of charismatic guy that can easily sweep a woman off her feet. Yes, he is older looking … but hey, older men are sexy. Johnny Depp is old too, but he is extremely hot! Having said that, I can’t wait to see Pirates 3 !!!

Yesterday, I watched “Deep Impact” and “Air Force One”. Personally, I think “Deep Impact” is much better than “Armageddon”. The former touches on many different lives that are affected by the phenomenal disaster. I found that the sentiments do depict our current lives. It was very natural, while I felt that “Armageddon” was just about the love between father and daughter. Which do you prefer? Any other old time favourites that you can remember?


2 thoughts on “Classic Movies

  1. I’ll go with Armageddon. 🙂 With a simple reason tat it almost, almost squeeze my tears out. Well probably the father daughter aka family bond was stronger. Enjoyed Deep Impact as well though, with a diff feel. Another old time ~ Notting Hill, even though i always got laughed at with a “softer” movie being my favourite.. 🙂

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