Hydrogen Atoms

I love chatting with taxi drivers here in this little town of Red Deer. They are so down-to-earth and friendly. In fact, I don’t feel like it is a chore to get to know them better. At work, it is like a routine and quite high-profile (although they claim that they are always humble and friendly). Here’s a cute joke that the taxi driver shared with me yesterday:

Two hydrogen atoms were at the bar talking to each other. Suddenly, one of them said in despair, “Oh my, I think I just lost an electron!”

The other atom replied, “I’m positive.”

Haha! I laughed. Although it was a very simple joke, but I did laugh. The taxi driver was amused too because he found many people did not understand the joke. By the looks of it, I can tell that he is in his mid-50s. And he said it’s one of those things you learn in school that you will never forget … the hydrogen atoms with their electron charge.


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