Hold the gun, freeze the mind

Allowing more guns?

We are already struggling to make sense of human insanity and now there’s just more reason to believe that the world is going crazy. Personally, I think we should all take a deep breath and step out of the circle to look at the big picture. The Virgina Tech shooting was a horrible experience everyone had to go through. However, these innocent lives are already dead. Why channel this negativity by enforcing a law that allows people to carry guns into the school?

I wonder if the team of authority who proposed this solution ever did a proper risk assessment. Maybe they did have a risk calculator like the one Ben Stiller used in the movie, “Along Came Polly”.

Personally, I think guns should not be allowed anywhere in public. There may be exceptions to the military units, police force, and the people who serve the government in the interest of public safety. Occasionally, people love to hunt. However, I believe that a strict control over the possession of a gun can be enforced. If hunting is a hobby, you don’t have to keep the gun in your house. Use it when it’s hunting season, buddy. Unless you are hunting humans, just keep that ugly thing in a storage place or something. I think that is a sensible solution to control the abuse of guns!

There’s a certain extent to what medical or psychological tests can do. Moreover, I feel that it is not fair for some people to own a gun just because they are more sane than others. In short, if none should have guns then none will. If one should own a gun, all shall have the equal right. And isn’t this method just going to create a more unbalanced society? This is clearly discriminating people who are crazy or mentally ill!

Yes, guns are the deadliest weapon of kill. One gunshot is all it is to take someone’s life. And what difference does it make if a more sane person holds a gun. In times of trouble, he is overwhelmed with emotions too. He will also kill, his mind is not 100% sane. Does this mean the law is allowing humans to kill to protect themselves? Even so, this should not justify the fact that everyone can own a gun. Ten years down the road, would a sane man become mentally ill? Why not?? Humans are not perfect! Having said that, why not train everyone who owns a gun in the army? Wouldn’t that be a more valuable insurance to society?

I feel a more suitable control method is to increase the security in schools. It’s very simple. I’d rather accept the chance of minimizing deaths (if there were another incident of such) through better security instead of increasing the amount of people carrying guns around that just might result in an amateur war zone. If America can tighten immigration security after the 9/11 horror … why can’t the same thing be done for these schools? It’s troublesome, yes … but isn’t it more sensible?

Face the facts. Face the reality. If there was a gun shooting, someone is bound to get hurt or die. It doesn’t mean that you can prevent any death by allowing people to own and use a gun at free will everywhere they go.


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