Why is Religion in Power?

Whenever I read news like this, I start to wonder why is religion overpowering our way of life. As we approach modernism, globalism, and independence, should we not be more aware of civilization and human rights?

Some people have become ravaging souls in the name of religion!

It’s simple common sense. Would God like to see war? Is it justified to kill someone in the name of religion?

I don’t see a point in killing someone under religious laws. She was just falling in love with a boy for God’s sake. I may not know much about the history of the two different Muslim sects … but we are all humans. Yes, humans who have already reached the brink of insanity. Law is not religion. Law is about establishing order. Religion is a belief or a faith that we go through in our daily life. It seems that it is immensely difficult to distinguish between the two. I feel like we are heading back in time, during the dark ages where the church was the parliament … where people used religion to influence and expand their reign.

It is so wrong. I may digress too much … but the sad fact is, we humans are ultimately going insane when it comes to power and religion. Is God playing with our minds?


3 thoughts on “Why is Religion in Power?

  1. Religion isn’t bad. It’s because hardcore fundamentalists generally consists of people who are uneducated, narrow minded and isolated.

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