Bad stress

It was difficult to notice the damage during the move-in inspection. I hardly saw it because it was so obscure.

The closet is big. HUGE! I like huge closets. However, there is a slight flaw in the design of the clothing rod and the supporting shelfs above it.


After happily placing all my clothes neatly in the closet, I proceeded to store my small suitcases on the above shelf. This is when I realize the shelf is not straight. In fact, the middle of the shelf was tilting down and outwards a little. Upon closer inspection … I found this


And I realized, that all three supports of the bracket is broken! I wonder how heavy the previous tenant clothes were. I can still hang my clothes on there, but I’m afraid it won’t hold for too long. It might just break off totally in the near future, and I don’t want to be blamed for it.

I’m pretty sure I can put something heavier on the back end of the shelf just to even out the load. But right now, I don’t have anything heavy. I need to look for bricks (nyek nyek nyek). Sigh. I’m in a dilemma now of whether I should hang my clothes and wait for the maintenance guy to arrive. As of now, my clothes are on the floor 😦


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